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I get a text from my boyfriend and all the good feelings go away....
Wait a minute, that doesn't sound like how it's supposed to work at all!
isn't it supposed to be that when you talk to him all the BAD feelings go away? Hmmm...that one sounds a bit more accurate.
The worst part is even though im totally blah right now and its mostly because of what he said to me, i know i could never leave him.
A) Most of what he said is probably true, even if it does hurt me
B) Hello! I don't want to be alone! :o
C) I kind of love him so....
Yea, but im totally pissed rght now to at myself because....urgh! he can never make me just feel good! and he never knows whats going on with me! like, i try to talk to him and he either
1) Doesn't listen or
2) Doesn't get it!


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I know how that feels. My boyfried lives 700 miles away do to the military & I wait all day to here from him & he sends me a little text, he doesn't call often which hurts, but I just get depressed & frustrated. He doesn't understand or listen to whats going on. Men are insensitive without even relizing it half the time.
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