Thank God I'm Not Him

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    The title of this piece is what all of you and everyone I know says when they go to bed. Thank God I'm not him. All I am to everyone is the big loser who everyone looks down upon and thanks the higher power their not. You should all feel blessed that God has someone else to burden before you because all he does is give me difficulty. He, like everyone else in this horrible world is out to get me, use me, screw me, reject me and put more burden on my shoulders. I would just like someone else to feel my pain and understand how horribly unfair life has been to me. I'd just like all of you to see how sick and tired I am of being the world's damn toilet paper. I am tired of being the nice guy, lovable loser, you and everyone else loves to ruin. I hate this life and everyone in it. Life sucks for no one but me.
  2. Sadeyes

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    Mooch...I truly know what this isolation feels like...but unfortunately, many of us here relate to it...please keep posting about what is going on for you and you will be surprised how many people have similar experiences
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    no one no one will ever judge you here hun we are all suffering in our own ways so we can understand pain and isolation and much more hugs to you
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    You won't be judged here, and you don't have to go through this alone. People do care and want to help, but you have to reach out and let us try. Here if you feel like talking.