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Thank you but advice needed

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I am getting feelings of doing something regrettable a little less over the past few days and i would like to thank the good people on this forum because even if the posts are not to me i can get a feeling that people here do care, i have managed to stay off the drink for a week now which is helping me feel better. I don't know how long it will last. I still get bad feelings flaring up but i need a distraction. Thankfully i have a few diy projects i'm working on but these wont last and i worry i may relapse again.

Although i'm feeling a little better i have waves of fear as i think about the future and how i will cope because there is not much that i can be interested in to the point where i can forget my worries.


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Hello Vapour,

I am glad to see you are feeling a bit better. It really is a process to get one life back together, and one of the important thing is to rejoice for every little bit of progress rather than look at the big mountain to climb in front of you. If you have not stumble upon it yet, I would suggest to get the book Feeling Good by Robert Burns and do the exercises suggested in it to bit by bit the thoughts that give you a lot of anxiety. If you feel too overwhelmed, maybe getting professional help is a good idea. wish you well


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You may have discovered, as I did, that my alcohol use was a form of self-medicating depression. Simply eliminating the alcohol (and other substances) made somewhat of an improvement.
For me, in order to maintain an alcohol-free life, I needed the support of others, much as we do here, through Alcoholics Anonymous. Others may cringe or disagree with some of the suggestions of that program, but I was advised to approach the meetings and literature (even on-line now I think) as a buffet, not expecting to like or try everything there, but to choose and use that which I could tolerate. I have been several years without alcohol, which has made it possible to identify the underlying cause (severe depression) and begin treatment of it.

Best wishes for you
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