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Thank you SF!!

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I have only been a member here for a meager week or so, probably even less, but it's opened my eyes and my heart to my true calling in life. I'm going to school to be a mental health counselor! :loopy: Yayyy!

It's made me feel so good to reply to other's posts and help them with their problems. At first I thought it might be weird for a counselor that suffers from depression to be helping people with depression, but I think helping people will also help heal me, it will fill that empty void I have from wanting to help people and make a difference in the world.

Thank You SF Team and every member here for finally opening up my eyes to what I want to do with my life!


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hey hun... i am glad to hear that.. and hope you get where you want to in life... and i hope you continue in helping others on the forum... it means alot to them, even if its not said right away...

hope you continue doing what your doing to help others...

Love BP


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That's great news.. I'm very glad that you found SF and that it's helped you :)

Just wanted to comment on what you said about being a counsellor who suffers from depression.. In a lot of ways i believe that having gone through a depressive episode, or any other experience, makes a good counsellor! If you have gone through your own depression, it is so much easier and genuine to relate to someone who comes to you for help with their own depression.. you know?

Anyway, good luck and keep us posted :hug:
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