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  1. I wnt to say thank you for showing me what im worth...for breaking me down so many times...for destroying me on the inside adn now the out. I want to thnk you for mking me feel like the worthless piece of garbage i am. I deserve to die, i deserve to watch my life slip away. i don't deserve to be here and i don't deserve love.

    the pst few days i have been made to feel like a nobody, i have been talked down to and it's been okay..i have been yelled at like a child b/c i state how i feel and i get yelled was the was the last straw..i was so provoked...

    i will destroy sorry to those that sorry that i can't be strong nad not let words destroy me but...they do and they have

    so ll ic n say is fuck u......i hate u...i don't normally use that word...but i hate you
  2. why cant i just let go..and let people know not to get close to me..let people know that they can't love me? im not worthy of it..i don't deserve it. all i do is hurt people..all i do is destroy people..with my anger with my pain with who i am. i deserve nothing more than to be mulled over, passed over. I am a waste of life and im tired of wasting air when someone else can have it
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    you are none of what you say yourself to be! None!

    I know it's like talking to a brick wall but I'm gonna keep trying anyway. Cos hopefully if we all try telling you the truth long enough that brick wall of lies you tell yourself, will break down. And hopefully then you'll see the truth. That you ARE WORTHWHILE.

    We love you. And you know it. Please LET us love you, please, because you DO deserve it!
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