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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Xeloda, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. Xeloda

    Xeloda Member

    Dear all,

    I was at quite a loss and at wits end when I first joined this forum. Quite pessimistic with regards to how helpful 'talking' can be. Initially my thoughts were
    "Why are all you guys loading the chat room with smilies?? Whats wrong with you all? You're not really helping the problem!"

    But you know what? Talking about miscellaneous things - what to eat- being hungry etc etc.. puts things into perspective. Why ? Because its LIVING.

    You can't eat if you're dead. You can't be furious if you're dead. you can't be sad if you're dead. And you can't be happy if you're dead. You can't be typing and whinging and getting your stress / worries / issues - you can't share your problems if you're dead.

    I've been haggling at the meaning of life and was quite frustrated that nobody could say anything different besides "Just don't" and "Life is eternal and we all live meagerly in it"

    After a long sleep, and just not doing anything, I've hit a sudden realisation. Life is challenging.. and for most people who visit this forum, it seems daunting and awful.

    But death is final. You can't come back. For those of you who are depressed from losing loved ones, those of you who haven't had a loved one.. those of you who feel lonely - if you commit suicide - you're depriving of yourself of the chance that things may change. Why give in to sorrow and misery? Sure its easy- but you can fight it!

    I was initially frustrated at not openly able to divulge into my depression - and then I was pm'd by a moderator who was only 15. It became clear to me that with depression, nobody is happy. Depression is a frame of mind - of how you interpret situations. Feeling sad makes others feel sad. Which is not a nice thing. You don't have to be sad. So why be sad?

    The moderators who are on this forum voluntarily have taken their time out to help people who are depressed. Why? because they care. Caring people deserve to live happily. If we live happily, then they'll live happily. So really, the best thing is to try to be positive and be happy, because its a lot better than being sad.

    For those of you who are extremely lonely, you are only lonely if you make yourself lonely. The feeling of loneliness and depression is an evil spiral. You need to pull yourself out of it and feel confident about yourself. Its all a mind game. If you view the world bleakly, the world will seem bleak.

    For those of you who are terminally ill, or who have a loved one that is terminally ill, I can only imagine how horrible it must be and how painful the medications and the disease itself must be causing. But you know - it is true you will die eventually, so whats the rush? Try to live the best you can - ask the doctors for alternatives - try to focus on the simple things in life - like a flower, the sunset.. the air.. and appreciate it. Because once you're gone, you're gone, and you'll never see or experience anything again.

    it is true, that life does go on regardless if you're there or not. Yes the world still turns. But be a part of it. Don't let go. Living is a one off chance. So make the most of it.

    Depression is a frame of mind. But you are in control of your mind. Depression is awful. So don't do it! It takes time. We need time to accept the awful events that have happened. It is ok to mourn. But let tomorrow be a new day. Don't mull over things you can't change. Focus on things you can change- and that is you. Open your mind to the beauty of living. Look around you. Life is prescious. Don't give up. make the most of it.

    I regret mulling over dying and the meaning of life because now I have 10 hours to write a 2000 word paper. But it was a necessary process. It is true that responsibilities are mundane, and taxing. And yes, its tiring..and you wonder, whats the point?

    The point is, you're living .Breathing. You can feel tired. You can go to sleep. You can be you. As long as you're alive.

    I think that's the meaning of life.

    I wish you all luck and hope you pull yourself out of the spiral you are in. It takes time. but one day you will. So dont' give up.

    If this whole post still seems to bright and sunshiny- here's a few things to think about:
    1. how about christopher reaves? He was once a famous actor.. then he became completely paralysed from neck down. Spoke through a tube. But he didnt give up.
    2. beetovan - became deaf. Yet he still continued to write music.
    3. Survival Victims of the Hiroshima bombings - suffered gross malformations - most had cancer from the radiation. Yet a lot of them still tried to live.
    4. Rape victims, family abuse victims.. victims of war - a good percentage still try to live.
    5. Citizens living in the taliban ruled countries - could die any time - still live.
    6. Orphans in africa - riddled with common diseases. Most born with HIV. Still live.

    In reflection - you still have the internet. You can still have entertainment. You can still share your worries and woes with the world. People in third world countries.. do not have the luxury.

    There are lots of people in the disadvantaged worlds living in fear and poverty. yet they continue to live the best they can.

    Just think about it. it is so easy to end it, but why? Why deprive yourself of the chance to make things better?

    Hope this helps.
  2. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I am glad we were able to help you come to that conclusion Xeloda. I enjoyed meeting you in chat yesterday. I hope you continue to frequent this site and share with us how you feel. Take care. I look forward to seeing you around the forum. :hug:
  3. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    Xeloda I'll give you the thumb's up also for a wonderful piece,but one thing is that I'm sure if everyone could stop feeling depressed like that they would.Each person has their own pain,and no doubt if they could cease this pain immediately they would,I'm not discounting anything you've said because you raise some real excellent point's.:smile:
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