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  1. BeautifullyChaotic

    BeautifullyChaotic Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to thank everyone here for always being supportive and willing to listen. This has been a hard few months for me, as some of you know, but has been made easier through the kind and often inspiring words offered by others like me. I honestly don't think I would have survived this long without this place and the wonderful people I have met here.
    I have made friends of some of the very special people here and I will treasure those friendships always.


    Thank you, SF friends, for helping me save me from myself.
  2. EarToHelp

    EarToHelp Member

    Yay, nice to read that you have found comfort :)

    Keep up the positive thoughts!
  3. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Here's to only good days...such a nice post and sentiment
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