Thank you..

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..for the existence of this community. Thank you for providing somewhere to turn when everywhere else is blocked off.

I look forwards to getting to know you all :)
Heya blindsides :) Nice to meet you! sort of lol.

But anyways, I too, am very thankful to have this place to turn to.. to have found people and made friends here to talk to when things suck... or just whenever.

Look forward to getting to know you and hope this place treats you as well as it's done for me

:hug: pm if you need anything or what not :biggrin:
Hello hun!!! Welcome to SF! It really is a great place, and I have made some very good friends here, and it's a great support. I am looking forward to see you around too, and getting to know you. And yes, I agree I am thankful for this site and every person in it. If you would ever want to talk I am up for it, and you are welcome to PM me anytime at all. And if you ever need to talk, please don't hesitate to PM me or add me and message me on yahoo or mesn, the contact details for those 2 are below in my signature. Take care and hang in there, you are amungst people who understand and are here for you.

Glad you found us!!! :hug: :hug:

And by the way........ :welcome:


Not open for further replies.

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