Thank you's to certain people.

Discussion in 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' started by tintin, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. tintin

    tintin Guest

    First of all has to be Fee (Dragon), she has helped me through so much and shown me what real friendship is about. She's given me strength and willpower and helped me see I can live a happy life. Plus she makes me laugh ALL the time which is sometimes needed badly. She always has time to listen and is one of the best friends anyone could ask for. Love you loads big sis :heart:

    Next has to be my twind (Melancholy). Meeting you was so amazing, and funny and awesome just like you yourself. You always know the right things to say if i feel low and your just the best twind anyone can ask for. Love you loads hun, im always here for you and you know that (i hope) :heart:

    Then has to be Vikki you are so funny and always make me laugh. I had such fun meeting you in London it was so cool! Even though you have your own problems you always are there for me so thanks. Love you loads.

    Joe (abacus21)- our late night chats on msn are so random its amusing, but they always cheer me up so thanks hun Love you.
    Elaine (resistance), we haven't spoken much in a while but thanks for everything you did for me at the June meet and since, your ace and i love you loads.

    Gordypants!!!!!(Diatribe)- I love this guy. He's amazing and cheers me up endlessly on MSN. I am SO glad i started talking to you. You really do mean loads to me, you never ever complain about what we talk about. So thanks. Love you loads gordypants!!!

    Beaks, for the endless laughing fits oh and i guess the birthday thread :dry::tongue: thanks for always making me giggle love you hun

    Jiiiiiiiim (forlorn), OMG! u joined the reds :eek:hmy: i have never been so much in hysterics in my whole life as much as i am with you. You make me laugh endlessly and i have such a good time when we meet. Especially the last meet though i daresay you won that fight.. Thanks for everything your the best online dad i could ask for love youuu :heart:

    Robin (Robin), you listen endlessly to my pointless rants but never complain and you always give me good advice that i promise i do listen too. Your such an amazing person (hell u have helped so many people stay alive) you always look out for other people before your self and your such a kind warm hearted person and one of the nicest people i have ever met. Love you loads uncle Robin :heart:

    Last but not least, Lexi (Lexi), we have only started talking recently but your such a friendly caring person and i'm so glad to have met you. I can't wait to meet you in person going to be so cool. Thanks hun Love you.

    A few other people i have to mention are:
    - Graceypoo (thedeafmusician) thanks for the talks hun love you
    - Katieee (Famous.Last.Words)- such an amazing woman love you loads hun
    -Hazel (Hazel)- thanks for all the advice you've given me.

    Also a big thanks to everyone on S.F for cheering me up everytime i come on.
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  2. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Awwww :hug:

    And you're a great friend too hun :D . Keep being you, and you won't go wrong in life :)
  3. tintin

    tintin Guest

    :hug: thanks Joe.
  4. tintin

    tintin Guest

    Callum- for your random convo tonight made me laugh thankies chavboy =P <3
  5. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    love you toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  6. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    Aww... :biggrin: Thank you for being a friend! You're awesome. :) :hug:
  7. Diatribe

    Diatribe Member

    You are great too.

    Hang on...

    I feel out of place.:unsure:

    *cough* one second *cough*


  8. forlorn

    forlorn Staff Alumni

    Your a good laugh too Becca and Im glad you think of me as a friend, love and respect always xx :biggrin:
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