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Thanks Anyway

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I dont know where to start. I guess your mind is telling you something when the first thing you do when you wake up is cry. I thank you all for trying to help, but I just cant find a way. I glad there are websites like these to help those that can be helped. Again, I appreciated the effort. But i cant go on like this. Thank you all very much. Your's tuly, Dustin Williams.


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When you wake up and cry, you are clearly a very unhappy person, someone who needs help and support to get better.

Have you had that? Have you tried professional support?

I truly believe that there is hope and help out there for you, it is just finding the right therapist/meds/psych/whatever else.

Can I ask, what have you tried so far to help yourself get better?

Is there a specific reason why you feel so bad? If you ever want to chat, then feel free to PM me

Hang in there
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