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Thanks Everyone

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You matter Mikoto.. I know it may not feel like that right now but you do, every life matters.
Why don't you stay around and talk some more to us, we are here to listen and offer support..

:hug: Hazel


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yeah, give us a chance, I bet we could convince you that there are things that matter, that you matter.... let us learn to know you better, you can allways decide after a while if it matters or not.
Give us and yourself just this one chance,please?
take care,


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one human life is worth more than anything, so it matters, its pains its joys its happiness and ist sufferings, it all maters, it is all a stroke on the great canvas of life, at times we think if we were to remove our stokes from th canvas that it wouldnt be missed, but to removeone stoke from the mona liza would render it unfinished and unwhole...
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