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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by radical, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. radical

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    well, i lost my last friend to drugs over the past month and ive been doing some thinking. it looks like its the end of the road for me, its kind of a relief that ive decided to.
    please dont worry about me, i will finally not feel pain, my back wont hurt anymore, i wont hear my blood pumping in my left ear anymore, few people will mourn. a lot of positives out of this. please dont worry, i will be in a better place, there wasnt really anything on earth for me in the first place. i wish the best luck for all of you guys in this life. i also enjoyed my stay here on the forums, thanks for everything. its funny, i just got deja vu typing that last sentence heh. goodbye all. :smile:
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    Hey Radical,
    I know we have never talked because I can't get in to chat. You know just because you lost a friend doesn't mean you need to follow! He knew the risks doing drugs. I use to use for like 30 something years. I knew everytime I got high I could die. Alot of the drugs now adays you don't know how potent they are. I use to do alot of acid.
    Please reconsider commiting. You can still have a decent life you just need some help. We at the forum also will help give you support. If you need to talk one on one then just PM one of us!!Take Care!!~Joseph~
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