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Thanks, iOS 14

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The latest software update for the iPhone has made a mess of how I type on my phone. I use Braille Screen Input, which is an accessibility feature that allows blind people to type using the touchscreen as if it were a Braille keyboard. iOS 14 broke something, and the process of typing is now excruciatingly slow using BSI (Braille Screen Input). I'm working with Apple's accessibility department in the hopes they'll come up with a fix soon. But in the meantime, I may be rather quiet out here.


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HA! I saw an article headline the other day in the news warning of not doing the update just yet! For it will screw up some of your apps... didn’t actually read the article, nor follow the advice, but I’m sorry to hear that it messed with your stuff too! Damn Apple. How do I like them apples? I don’t! Bad apples. . . Ok, I’ll stop. ;)
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