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Thanks Suicide Forum :)

Discussion in 'Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages' started by Feared.Desire, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. Feared.Desire

    Feared.Desire Well-Known Member

    I’ve had posts before saying ‘I’m better and this is why,’ but this post is slightly different. There’s a chance I’ll fall back into the endless spiral of depressive and suicidal thoughts (again), but as of now I’m better, and I attribute this mostly to the suicide forum.

    How did it help me? Well, mostly because as I read through an endless number of threads I would pick apart and argue mentally against any illogical arguments I spotted.

    Now, by no means do I intend for that to be an insult, I simply mean this. In order for me to get better I had to open myself to more points of view than simply my depressed one, but I couldn’t see through the depressive cloud before me.
    Now I can. I slowly forced myself to open up to more points of view. But to do that I needed to talk to people, hear how they think as opposed to me.
    At the beginning I could only pick and choose different reasons to be depressed about different things, but as I formulated so many different theories they began to contradict each other, which gave light to a new side of thinking – that there are flaws with my way of thinking.
    Enlightened by this, I began seeing things from a more positive point of view as I began to pick apart peoples arguments with how their views are slanted and lacking certain justification. Now, I don’t blame people for lacking certain logic, that’s what depression does.
    Just as my shrink said,
    “Picture there are three windows. One is tinted pink, one is normal, and the other covered in shit.
    ‘When you look through the pink tinted window it makes everything outside of it look overly flamboyant and colorful. This is not the real world, and the objective is not to make you see through this window.
    But, you are currently looking through the shit covered window. You are missing details due to its lack of clarity, and everything looks horrible and grotesque. But this window is still not the real world. It is solely the window you are looking through right now.
    ‘Our objective is to make you see through the normal window, and see things clearly.”

    That is virtually exactly what was going on. Depression restricts you from seeing certain truths.

    So, to anyone who is the way I am, and needs to see things in a different light in order to get better, there is hope!
    Or, if you think it’s hopeless, there’s hope! Maybe if you haven’t tried my method, do so. What have you got to loose?

    So, to the real point, thanks suicide forum! I think you’ve helped a lot of people out, including me.
    So thanks for being here for all of us :biggrin:

    (Struck me right after posting that this may belong in "Positive Feelings and Motivational Messages". My mistake.)
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