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    I want to thank you
    For making me smile and laugh , For making me sad and cry
    You are the only one, thats making me feel like I'm alive
    The rest of the time I just feel fake and numb
    I hope you will stop hating yourself one day
    Because you really are a beautifull person
    I wish you could see how I really am
    I wish you could see you deserve so much more
    I wish you could see what I see
    If I could be twice the girl I could be, I still would be half of what you need
    I'm sorry I let you in my life, I'm sorry I cant be what you need
    I'm sorry I am afraid to lose you, I'm sorry I cant let you go
    I probly will hurt you, dissapoint you,
    But please remember
    You can tell me everything, you can ask me everything
    I will always be here for you
    No matter what you say or do and no matter what I say or do
    I will always love you
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    Wow - very touching. Wow. I don't know what to say. But.. I so love that. :hug: :thanks: for sharing this with us hun. :)