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  1. Artirstic

    Artirstic New Member

    I respect this community. I respect everyone. I even respect myself which sounds weird when I write it.
    I'm always depressed but I rarely actually feel like the world is better without me.
    I now know that I don't have anything to offer to people and the best thing is for me to do the right thing.
    I have a plan, there's no worries about it now. I'm pretty sure I'll not be hated for it by my family.
    I want someone to say no but just so my family can read it back. I want them to know this wasn't a decision I made today because they'll forget when the police 'saved' me. It's no ones fault. Please don't feel there was anything anyone could do
    Thanks guys,
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    There is something YOU can do you can do the right thing and go to hosptial call crisis line and get help okay Do not harm your family like this they will care and they will suffer greatly if you leave so please think again and YOU do something get help now
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