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Some support. Great. Thanks. No. Thanks. I'll stop this shall I. Because you told me to. Okay. That's great. Thankyou. I'll just turn myself off. You're really nice. Thanks. I don't want to kill myself now. Because you said stop this now. Oh. It really helped. You should go into counselling or something. Nice guy. Thankyou. Oh, and thanks for taking the piss too. That really helped too. Toy Trains. Ha ha ha. See that. I laughed. No. Really. Thankyou.


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Hey.. i care.. i want to help.. let us in and show us why you feel this way.. im here pm if you want to talk, anytime x


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Callan, what's going on hun? I am around if you need someone to talk with. PM me hun. I will get back with you as soon as i can. :hug: take care.
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