That Day

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    That Day

    The window was on my right
    As I lay that day.
    I don’t remember
    Why I was placed that way.

    I do remember
    Why I was there.
    It was much easier
    When anger hung in the air.

    I can’t recall much
    Apart from the window,
    The blue sky outside
    And imagining the grass below.

    Time stood still that day
    It remains all a blur
    But when it comes to mind
    The physical reactions I can’t ignore.

    The pain,
    The carnal hurt that was caused
    Disguised by pleasure and love
    As my life literally paused.

    That day was one of the hardest
    It still replays in my mind,
    My tears were unnoticed
    Obviously ill timed.

    A doctor’s visit followed
    She asked to examine me alone.
    And she truly understood,
    It was a situation well known.

    The following accusations
    Were constant.
    Consisting of mistrust and betrayal
    And obviously I was the problem.

    That day haunts,
    Scares and frightens me still.
    Because even now, out of the blue
    They can still control me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.