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    It was my ex's birthday and he told me he wanted to spend the day with our son. So I brought the kid to the mall. He invited me to stay for lunch, not out of bring polite, but for someone to look after the kid. I grudgingly said yes. Lo and behold, there was the ex mother in law at the restaurant, who was openly glaring at me and my son. I shot her an equally murderous look.. we have never been friends. She never got over the fact that I left her son, who in her eyes was faultless and bound for canonization..and I was the bitch from hell. She wasnt even the typical doting grandma.She was resentful and it was obvious that she was the priority so I packed up! What just riled me ex doesnt see our son that often. And on the occasion that he does...She's there too? She was openly competing with my son, when the kid wanted something, she would take my ex to somewhere grander.She never paid attention to my kid and was gloating over her purchases. I wanted to stomp her ass right there and then.. She caused much strain during our marriage and I cannot forget that. Am I being disrespectful?
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    no - make it clear that she is not to be there next time or there will not be a next time....
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    My ex's reply to that was " she's my mother and you are nothing. " I asked why the ex mother in law was there when he said he wanted the day spent with his son. Still coiled around his mom's apron strings.
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    The reality is unless your custody agreement states that your son is to have no contact with his grandmother, you ex can have time with your son with whomever he likes. Making sweeping statements such as "have no contact or there won't be a next time" doesn't help. And it's not legal. Besides, if you deny your son visitation with his father, it's your son who will suffer. Not your ex.

    You don't say how old your son is, but if he's old enough, you could try to talk to him and help him understand that when his grandma acts like that, it doesn't mean she doesn't love him. That is just means she cares for his dad a lot. Turning your son against his dad or his grandmother really isn't in his best interest.