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  1. overboard.

    overboard. New Member

    I'd rather be cold than burning up.
    Burning up in monstrous flames
    That sizzle black and red
    Peeling away at my skin in
    Curling ribbons
    And dissolving my bones
    Leaving the lace of regret
    To suffocate my insides
    And drag me into untold tales of cotton covers.

    Reoccurring nightmares weave
    Through my scrambled brain
    mixed with pills to make me numb
    and stich the plastic wounds
    Saving the blood to be shed
    For a later time.

    But I don't want the stitches.
    I want the trauma to rip open
    Spill all of my blood infested secrets
    leaving me to die from the inside out
    In red spidery rivers.

    (I feel like this is 2 or 3 poems in one, but this is how I wrote it when I was having one of my episodes so...^^)
  2. MourningMe

    MourningMe Member

    Well done ;). I like how you conveyed the feelings.
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