That Friend, That Foe Called Hate By Selena Sheperd

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    I have not written a poem in a long time but with recent struggles it has become a life saving outlet for me. Hopefully this is the first in another series. I welcome all comments!

    That Friend, That Foe Called Hate

    What does one do with that friend that foe called hate?
    That blessed curse that plagues many?
    Hate, a friend that has stuck closer than anyone.
    A father to the fatherless, a mother to the motherless
    The only one that has never changed, and never forsaken?

    Hate, now a tangible foe
    That is growing stronger, wiser, sharper
    The plan becomes real now
    The gun the promoter of unspeakable wrath has been obtained.
    The plot thickens…the plan becomes specific
    Nighttime, on the weekend, in the fall after labor day.
    The place becomes familiar, every corner every facet memorized
    With calculated genius the plan is laid out

    Now what?
    Does one follow through on ones fantasies?
    What becomes of those who do?
    Does hate leave once the mission has been accomplished?
    I think not!
    But festers even the more, unquenched and unphased by the trivial act
    It wants more. Bigger, larger, gorier
    No longer making distinctions between innocent and guilty
    It wants blood for every tear, every hurt, every bruise

    Will it stop then?
    When is it quenched?
    It is not, an all consuming fire, never to be put out in this lifetime
    But wait, there is a way, the only way.
    Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for the price of innocent blood?
    Who will stop hate but the one that hate has befriended
    Its your choice now. Be the hero, rid yourself of this foe!

    Its war now.
    Hate no longer a friend
    Once realizing the wrath has turned inward
    The dog now bites the hand that feeds it
    It will not go down willingly.
    Not without a fight.

    The final showdown!
    And what a spectacular event
    It is an all out battle to the end.
    You cannot afford to loose!
    What do you really have to loose by winning?
    Go for it!

    Tooth and nail
    Bones and marrow
    It’s a fight to the death
    Your own death
    But then your own life
    Because once hate has been slain
    You are finally free!

    So what now?
    Off you go into that dark black abyss
    Into nothingness. No where land
    Was it worth it?
    Of course!
    You are a hero now!
    You have rid the world of evil
    All Hail the Hate slayer who has saved us from unmentionable wrath!

    Why aren’t people celebrating?
    The world has been rid of evil!
    Why are people crying?
    Those very family member that introduced you to that friend and foe called hate
    Are now weeping.
    Why? Why do you care?

    Why are people angry?
    Why are people saying “Good riddance?”
    Was it worth it?
    Of course you are a hero!
    I think.
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