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    Im sick of being THAT friend. The one that is the last to know anything, the one that gets pushedbto the sidelines and forgotten about unless its to blame someone. All I wanted to do was make them see that and yet all I did was make things worse. Everything was crumbling down around me and I wanted to fix it, to be of at least some help but I mess even that up. To tell someone that I know has low moral that it is her fault which just pushed her over the edge and caused her to run away and end up in a Mental Hospital. Some friend I turned out to be.
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    Welcome Soullchan. I am very sorry that you feel sidelined and that expressing how you feel worsened the situation. Telling someone how you feel doesn't make you a bad person and it doesn't make you a bad friend, however low your friend's morale is or was. Beating yourself up about it isn't going to fix the situation - what you can do is be the friend you want to be now.

    I do not know if you can visit but perhaps you can write. A simple apology and asking her what you can do that would help her might not go amiss. It might be that the thing she needs from you is time and space, it might be that she wants conversation and support. What is almost certain is that she does not want you to be beating yourself up because she is unwell.

    You did not "turn out to be" anything bad - you made a choice that hurt someone; you didn't intend it and you want very much to make it better. To me that does not sound like a bad friend, just a human being.

    Please keep yourself safe and keep talking to us :hug: