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That horrible feeling...

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It's ultimately due to a break up.. but it has been a rough one. Basically... never met anybody with so much in common before, we even have a history together as children that we were unaware of until soon after we started dating. Everything was going graet... she eventually told me that she loved me, and the next week she broke up with me.. she told me some convincing things so i decided to give her another chance, and within days she broke up with me again.. now she won't even give me the time of day. I'm not even sure why she broke up with me... I just yesterday got my wisdom teeth ripped out, so you can imagine both the physical and emotional pain i'm having, so it's over-whelming. And on - top of that i have plenty of t3's and percs beside me.. yah, very tempting indeed. I'm trying to hold on.. maybe things will look brighter, but when i look at my life, (which is actually going in a good direction, in relation to material possesions anyways), into the future.. it seems bland, and it's like i'll never have "spice". We all know this world is full of ignorant fools, and rarely do you come by those understanding, compationate people.... which unfortunately my ex was one of them.. the only one i've met in my city in 18 years.. So i'm just.. full of doubt right now.

I don't know what i'm looking for in here, i think i'm just simply hoping that somebody here knows something that i could do, though i know in all probability there won't be. Thanks for listening..



Hi Joseph, welcome to the forum. I don't know the reasons why she broke up with you but maybe if you wrote her a letter explaining how you felt about her then you could say everything you wanted in the way that you wanted.

Try to make the letter unconditional though, you want to explain your feelings without forcing her in any way to come back to you, she will feel most comfortable with reaching an honest decision, for herself and you, if she does not feel forced to come back to you.


Hi Joseph. I know how horrible that is, as I had this happen to me last week, and I'm struggling to cope with the loss. Every night since then, I've had horrible nightmares about the situation, and I am trying to figure out how to get over this. Are you still going to talk with her as friends? My advice to you is to at least keep her as your friend, don't lose her completely from your life.
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