That last second feels like a life time

Discussion in 'After Effects' started by dampcottonclouds, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. dampcottonclouds

    dampcottonclouds New Member

    I saw the last few hours of my life.
    Replayed to me like a slide show.
    A movie of events, time didn't exist.
    I was going, so close.
    I saw my family.
    I saw her.
    I saw my cat.
    I saw my school and my friend.
    I saw myself.

    I watched the film for what felt like forever.
    I was exhausted.
    And relief was coming to me.

    I was slowly decaying.

    I remember awaking in a strange white room.
    Like the one I had seen in my dreams.
    Unable to move, strapped down.

    A bad move.
    Sometimes I wish they never came home.
    I don't remember them finding me.
    I don't remember the sirens.
    I don't remember shouting.

    I see it all in my dreams sometimes.
    I see myself dying.
    I see the puddle of vomit.
    I feel the sunshine on my skin.

    It was a beautiful day.
    Lovely weather for October.
    I never saw the end of that month.

    I woke up in a deep haze.
    The month was September.
    And I was mentally ill.

    What did you see?
  2. tesseract

    tesseract Well-Known Member

    That last second feels like a life time

    mm, I saw that thought in American Beauty. Great soundtrack.. :p

    Sorry, I was offtopic..
    Nice poetry btw, I suggest some more "poetic" elements. ie.: Rythm, rhyme etc. etc.
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