That little voice

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    I'm trying my best to not have a complete meltdown...from everything from lost projects and papers to being locked out of my school account, it feels like I'm having some of the shittiest luck right now...and all these little things have added up and I can kiss my future goodbye...people around me aren't making it any easier at this point...I doubt they are doing it purposefully, but at the end of the still sucks. At this point i just want to scream and shout "Why isn't anybody helping me"; at this point I feel like I'm drowning...It must be so easy to stand by and's different when the tables are hurts and it is unbearable. A huge part of me is screaming to not give up, but the energy and mentality are no longer there. Where this voice is screaming from is anybody's guess but mine...I wouldn't even know where to start looking...what part of me hasn't given up...and why?
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    Life is going to seem impossible, and you may feel all alone at times. I have been there, but I always had a firm voice of assurance deep within me that would tell me that all will be alright and I trusted it. When I was ready I asked for help and was given it, and through knowledge given to me by the accounts of those who had trusted this voice I learned who the voice belongs to and I am able to understand their purpose, my purpose, and how much I really need it. Now I trust I am never alone and I have the best helper that one can have. HalleluYah