that time of year again

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  1. Wastingecho

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    had to fill out my self-assessment at work today

    had to do this for the last few years but it stills make me feel like shit

    prefer if my boss would just give me his opinion - i can deal with that one way or the other

    but having to critique myself when i don't know what he's looking for makes me miserable beyond belief

    i know that i'm worthless - i know that i'm trying to make reasons for them to keep me employed

    but his whole process just makes me stare at myself and drive home how much i hate myself, how much of a failure i am

    and then we have to start the whole process over again in a couple of weeks for next year

    "what are you going to do for us?" - whatever you need me to do - "not good enough"

    just fucking tell me what you want godammit then stop changing the rules without telling me - have a hard enough time facing life without all of this bullslhit
  2. jane doe

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    Hun i know how jobs may make your life a living hell, you know what i do when a job makes me feel like that? i look for anotherone, and you should do that aswell. Best of Luck!
  3. Brynden

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    The last time I worked I had to go through supervisory review. Mine were usually good. Usually because I was one of the few that actually gave a damn about the job. Even got told by one supervisor that was later fired that I was one of the few that kept an eye on the other officers I was working with when they were on the floor of the housing areas.