That was fun.

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    Yes, that was a very fun six hours of doing fuck all. Decided today that I couldn't be bothered with anything, at all. It wasn't great to be honest, things weren't great. So, I came up stairs and jammed my door shut, even I couldn't reopen it. Decided to turn, EVERYTHING off, phone, laptop, heating in my room, closed the curtains and so I sat, staring blankly at nothing for six hours. Parents tried to get in my room and couldn't ended up shouting and stuff, they opened the door a little, but only enough to see me staring toward the door pretty damn menacingly. They left, and so I spent my six hours, in pretty much solitary confinement.

    But hey, I'm here now, pretty much indifferent. Though, if SuicideForum doesn't mind me saying, a little turned on. I blame Toni for this, not that I care as of this moment.

    Though, I must also say, it's not the first time I've gone and just sat for hours, the last time was about 6 or 7 months ago. So, though I do get them, they are pretty much a rarity.

    Does anyone else do this?
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    Sometimes a person just needs a break from sensory overload. It helps to sort of re-center, to remember and think about what's important. Mostly, nothing on the other side of that door is very important.

    People watching can be fun also. You watch them scurry around taking care of their own creature comforts, frantically chasing the next new fad or distraction. It's funny, really, to see what most people think is important, and watch them waste their time on the most trivial and meaningless stuff while the important stuff goes by unnoticed.