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    So I'm bored and trying to find all the 80's songs I like or good ones mostly power ballads, but I need help So does anyone know any good 80s power ballads

    Heres my list so far

    Right here waiting - Richard Marx
    Phil collins - In the air tonight
    Broken Wings - Mr mister
    (I just) died in your arms - Cutting Crew
    Sunglasses at night - Corey Hart
    Cars - gary numan
    Your love - The Outfield
    Everybody wants to rule the world - tears for fears
    Is this love - White snake
    Keep on lovin you - Reo Speed wagon
    More than Words - Extreme
    When I look into your eyes - Firehouse
    I wanna know what love is - Foreigner
    Boys of summer - Don henley
    Drive - The Cars
    Don't You (forget about me) - Simple Minds
    Miles away - Winger
    Separate Ways - Journey
    Why Can't this be love - Van Halen

    So you guys have any songs?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.