The Anguish

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    Dull-edged agony,
    in crescendos
    of awareness,
    cutting me
    from inside out
    as I contemplate
    the silent highways
    of life without you.

    I couldn't hold on
    and you slipped away,
    or is it I let go,
    too tired to fight
    the bitter truth:
    that I will never
    grow old with you.

    Hot rivers pour
    down my face,
    my breath is stolen
    by the dagger
    of reality,
    my past come back
    to haunt me
    like a taunting
    restless wraith.

    The door to my hope
    of salvation,
    a modern Mother Mary
    taken from me
    as though ordained
    by God Himself,
    a fitting punishment
    for one such as I.

    The final nail
    in the coffin of my heart,
    I move to embrace you
    and the anguish
    of your absence
    crushes the light,

    burning me
    icy cold
    until there is nothing,
    not even ashes
    where once sat
    a little boy
    sobbing in the dark,
    crying out to be held,
    afraid of the shadows
    he couldn't even see.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.