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"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree..."

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Don't know if this is a phrase particular to the USA or not, but it implies that kids (the apple) are often very like their parents (the tree).

My daughter made a take-off on it:

"the head doesn't fall far from the guillotine" then I thought of...

"the potato doesn't fall far from the couch" and

"the paper doesn't fall far from the printer"

anyone care to pick it up and run with it?? what else can anyone come up with? I'm curious:rolleyes:and I love 'wordplay'...



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Panic doesnt fall far from recklessness
Beauty doesnt fall far from the beholder
Care doesnt fall far from cure
Dogma doesnt fall far from insecurity
Sight doesnt fall far from light
Meaning doesnt fall far from feeling

Unintentional rhymes there.
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