The Autumn Bridge

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  1. twowolves80

    twowolves80 Darkness Incarnate; don't even bother

    Cool air blows
    on winds of mortality,
    there in our glade.

    The trees
    have caught fire,
    lighting our way

    with blazes
    of yellow and orange
    on smokeless wicks.

    of childhood games
    echoes over us--

    a magic place,
    where we battled
    hordes of evil

    with wood sword
    and vivid colors
    of imagination.

    Our initials carved
    in the hand-rails
    as we discovered

    our first love
    in each other's
    arms and eyes.

    Gone these many years,
    you are still
    on my mind,

    and my tears
    are washed away
    in the stream below.
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  2. Witty_Sarcasm

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    A sad but sweet poem :)
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