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Thought up by yours truly (a man-child without any relevant education, exp or credentials). It stands for the Anime Villain Formula. It's a shortcut-version of stoicism/re-framing, being an inferior version that's quick and dirty. Easy to execute and can be used when facing any negative event.

I was inspired by Naruto villains from the organization known as the Akatsuki. When they fight the good guys they often find themselves facing life-threatening dangers, and at often times they have a great way of handling the situation that reminded me of mantras in meditation practice and also the more badass part of stoicism.

"Heh, if that attacks hit me I'm done", "My, my, looks like his jutsu is going to rip my arm off if I miss with this attack", etc. You get the point.

The application is to take any stressor, foreseen negative event or possibility of one and cram it into the line of an anime villain mid-combat. Examples:

"Heh, if I miss this payment the whole family will be on the streets within days."
"My, my, these tax-collectors really decided to get nosy this time around. Looks like I'm going to prison *contemptuous smile*."
"This cancer really decided to come at me with full-force, guess I'm finally done in for good, hahahah!"
"When my parents were my age they had found their life partner, gotten educated and had years of full-time labor in their resumes. Guess I'm a little behind *sadistic grin*, *licks lips* I'm even considering suicide, muhahaha!"

The crucial point of execution is to get the feel right, hopefully even incorporating an appropriate facial expression and if possible saying the line out loud. Don't overthink it, just grab the first line that comes to you and do it as naturally as possible. This technique is unlike others in that it doesn't carry long-term results but is just used to temporarily lower stress levels a little bit whilst also being funny.

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