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* Okay * I know this is a poem but I've put it in this bit on the advice of a moderator * There are three bits to this but I'm not posting the middle bit because it is not very nice * If anyone wants to see they can PM me and ask *

Walking down the street
No worries and no fears
But little did she know
That evil crouches near

This evil, it follows her
Planning what to do
Waiting for its moment
She hasn’t got a clue

The light is fading slowly
Day turning into night
And all the time he’s watching
His evil burning bright

He stalked her and he watched her
Almost all the way
And then he grabbed her and he touched her
Dragging her away

Her mouth opened wide
Frozen in a scream
Never heard by anyone
Never even seen​


* So then it's supposed to be the middle bit, which is called "The Darkest Hour", and then this bit *

The Aftermath

She wakes up suddenly
Her heart beating fast
It felt so real
How long will this last?

These nightmares she has
It’s just like he said
“You’ll dream of me”
“I’ll always be in your head”

He took her dignity
Took away her control
She’ll never be perfect
He tainted her soul

She strives and she strives
To really forget
But she remembers it all
In stone it is set

His touch burned her leg
His seed poisoned her inside
When will this be over?
She wishes she had died​


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Wow! That is a fantastic portrayal of someone who has been raped. In a sense I'd love to read the middle part - and yet I don't need to as my own experience can fill that bit in.
You have summed up how I feel so well in the last verse. Thank you
hun, i dont think im gonna attempt to sayi anything unless you wanna talk about it, last time i opened my mouth about this i upset you and i dont wanna do that again :hug:
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