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Ideas & Opinions The Benefits of Being Single


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I know for a fact I am single at heart. I love my independence, solitude, privacy, autonomy and all that.

Except now I have a freaking cat who doesn't even appreciate the fact it's 5C outside and raining and I've got it warm and toasty and dry in here on fuel I earn the money to burn. It damn sure doesn't respect any of the former qualities I mentioned that had me loving the single life I've lived for the last 20 years. Now it has declared open season on my counter tops and I've already lost because everytime I go in the kitchen its sat there, like the Cheshire Cat, grinning. Hey, what's the problem? I've always been here, just ignore me. Sucks that my oven has fallen apart just in time for the holidays and I have to use other furniture to protect the damn cat from the oven door that keeps falling off.

Needless to say I don't appear to have any of the alleged benefits of a relationship, whatever they are. I occasionally wake up next to something that tries to bite me then flounces off. Brings back vague memories.

My sleep is screwed, I'm supposed to be recovering to go back to a crazy work schedule and all I've done so far is fall asleep when trying to do anything - except ironically - trying to sleep. I'm watching my Christmas holidays get ripped to bits. I got through a couple of chapters of a book since Christmas Day, which was ironically cancelled - I was looking forward to some time away from the cat, I think I'm going stir crazy or have cabin fever. Think the cat has too, it just went exceptionally crazy and started attacking me for no reason, when I tried to pet her, she appeared to have some kind of seizure, stood on her hindlegs, somersaulted and bolted away from me. I must admit nobody I had a relationship with ever did anything quite like that.

I can attest if you feel a pet will bring you the benefits of companionship and none of the downsides of a relationship, hold that thought right there...
oh dear. What a mess. You really should post vlogs on YouTube of Tiddles. I feel she is an attraction now.
This is weird for me to be posting in this thread as I am happily married, but I made a decision in my early 20s that I would be happy single. I thought I was too unattractive to get a man, so *shrug* I figured I would just get a silicone friend (wink) and for company I'd get a bunch of cats. Lol. I love cats.

So then after a few years I met someone.... And I honestly think one benefit of being happily single is that you will be in a much position to avoid being needy and attracting the wrong person. It is WAY better to be single than to be with the wrong person. You can take your time and go slowly with a new relationship and evaluate if the person is right for you. I mean, I knew within a month but we went slow, didn't have sex for three months. I was so cautious because I had been in a bad relationship before.

One thing that sucks about being in a relationship is if you are with someone who doesn't like any of the same things. One guy I was with for a few years didn't like ANY hot drinks. He wouldn't drink tea (any type) or coffee or cocoa. It was so weird watching someone swig Coke in the morning. I don't know, hot drinks are just such a primal thing. Especially in Canada in winter.

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