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Ideas & Opinions The Benefits of Being Single


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Wait, you mean girls fart when they're single? I thought they saved them all up until they were having a romantic moment with me. Like, all your moms sat you down at some point and said "Someday you'll meet a wonderful Gonz and you'll know he's the one and, when you're finally alone together, then you can share with him your special gift. Of farts. All of them. All at once."

I mean, at least that what it seems like from the ones I've been with, anyway.
This has me howling!!


Human by day, Dino by night
This is a great thread

although in a long term relationship, some of these things make me think that being single sounds good.
My partner is a picky eater which means instead of doing one meal for everyone I have to make 2, which is very frustrating, but I love him so I do it anyway.

I don’t get the whole of the bed, infact I get about a 1/4 of the bed as he typically likes to star fish. We’re getting a bigger bed in the hope that I can some actual space lol
But, I do get to have him to cuddle, and to keep me warm, as with my fibro I can get extremely cold due to not being able to regulate my body temperature.
It is frustrating to clear the toilet out after ANYONE else, that includes the kids!!!

However he’s now got the kick up the arse he needed and does help do dishes and some chores WITHOUT ME ASKING!!!
It’s nice to have someone to take care of me when I’m sick.
But I do absolutely detest feeling like he’s talking to someone else, or seeing someone else. It’s a horrible feeling. Sometimes I feel like I’d be better off being single....


Human by day, Dino by night
no paranoia about whether you snored in the night or not (and god knows what else the body does at night)
You definitely fart in your sleep! That was one of my worst fears lol. I once went a whole relationship when I was 16 not farting. Infact I was supposed to stay at his but had to get my dad to come pick me up coz I had the WORST tummy pains ever! Got home and just let it all go, the face my dad did at me will stay with me forever coz it was fucking hilarious! I wanted to go back after but my dad wouldn’t take me lol


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Kitty can’t tell the differences between crush and love. I ended up thinking all of my guy friends are my boyfriends sometimes hehe *shy

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