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Ideas & Opinions The Benefits of Being Single


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Having so many choices what to watch and not have to narrow your options into certain genres

Not have to listen to complaints that there are food being wasted. I just dont like fricking wasting my time with saving leftovers as I will certainly forget about it during the work week with exemption of pizza. I dont have a dog anymore but if i had a dog all of the leftovers will be going to the dog! Lol

Choices of what to wear is much easier!

Weekends are free to do whatever you wanted not have to deal with their friends not have to deal with their functions such as weddings, birthdays, showers etc wasting time and money doing those obligations. Dont get me wrong if I still liked them geniune its just more shit to do on top of my work week. Yea im more of a selfish person nowadays wanting to do nothing in the short 2 days off and not feel so rested when my R and R is robbed somehow


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I'm single, but we do have the princess here so there are a few concessions. She does take up an awful lot of space in the bed for such a small cat.

I can have dinner at 4 pm or 9 pm and it doesn't matter when I have it! (As long as I make sure Calypso has her dinner on time)
I can wander around in the same clothes from 10 yrs ago, and nobody is going to say a damn thing about it
I don't have to consult anyone about my haircut
I can sing off tune all I want (in the shower, in the car, in the living room)
No judgement for my grocery choices
These are just a few things.


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Recently was reminded.... not having to wake up in the middle of the night from deep sleep because someone is in the mood to be frisky. I liked my REM sleep more than anything else in the world as its hard to get into that stage.
I'm not single and I don't get that either, I just get woken up by his snoring, stealing all the duvet and farting lol


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I suppose I don't belong on this thread because I have a fiance but he is away for 6 months so it counts?

1. Having space to freely 'starfish' (As he puts it) on the queen bed
2. Being able to cry (i hate crying in front of ppl including him)
3. being as messy as I please tyvm
4. watching guilty pleasure shows on tv
5. lots and lots of nudity (This just applies to living alone in general)
6. less guilt over depression making me a zombie
7. able to be a zombie
8. indulging in weirdness like saying weird stuff to myself as i walk around the house

I'd still take all our couple-y stuff over these benefits, admittedly..


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@Lane said: '@LonelyHiker being single does have its advantages *yes, without hijacking this thread, interesting topic for another thread, ha'

So here it is - a thread in support of all the single folks out there.

Newly single or long since solo, it doesn't matter. Being single does have its advantages.

What do you like about flying solo?

I like not having to worry about leaving the seat up when it's 2am and I'm half asleep 🚽
the way i see it is this path is mine alone so no one else gets hurt


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Divorce destroys people and kids. It's cheaper & less destructive to rent people. The laws, not me, have made that so. If you can enjoy the single life, Live Long & Prosper!


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I'm not single and honestly I've been thinking about all this stuff a lot lately that you guys are saying.
I changed something big about my appearance recently and my husband hated it so much he was treating me differently. I really wanted to "be my own person" or whatever and I liked the change but it wasn't worth the conflict and I gave it up.
I think about all the things I don't do anymore and the freedoms I gave up. I always knew I would never marry but I gave in for him.
Things are the best they've been...ever, with us rn and I feel kinda bad saying this stuff, but I just feel like I'm not completely myself because of the parts I "gave" to him. He changes me for the better in a lot of ways, but I'm missing my solitude.


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I feel kinda bad saying this stuff, but I just feel like I'm not completely myself because of the parts I "gave" to him. He changes me for the better in a lot of ways, but I'm missing my solitude.
Don't feel bad thinking these things. I'm sure every single person in a relationship feels like this over some things. We are individuals and as such we're never going to live with someone else in total and complete bliss without ever wanting the slightest bit of autonomy.

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