The Best Emo Poems Ever?

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  1. Just a random collection of some of my lyrics. I hope you like them. But don't try to steal them seeing as they are well known on a couple other sites and I'm making an album soon.

    when i slit it was a painless feel, inflicted by a stainless steel
    my wrist were split so they could seal, i kissed it so my veins could heal
    i’m sickened by this blade I wield vomit while i slice
    callin out to Christ while my blood polishes the knife
    honest when I write, bet i’ll take this to my grave
    harnessin the light that projects from satan and his flames
    cause my heart is a coal, i don’t even harbor a soul
    but i’m part of the rose that froze and fell apart in the snow
    i’m darker then crows, or vultures circling above
    nervous and smug, because my veins are surging with drugs
    no mercy or love was the way you treated our bond
    and ever since you’ve been the only theme of my songs
    the meanings are gone, emptier than the bottles you sip
    for Christmas I’ll decorate your coffin with gifts
    it’s hard to resist, letting your name fall from my lips
    but if I screamed it any louder my tonsils would rip
    with part of my wrist, I carved it and wrote it in red
    that was the night I forgot to take both of my meds
    slowly it bled till the point that I hoped I was dead
    but since I didin’t die, I chose to write this poem instead
    this pain I’ve inflicted by these blades I’ve equippted
    is layers of sickness coating my plague of existence
    a walking talking archive with pages encrypted
    who walked into hell and got satan evicted
    what have I got to live for? a do or die hope?
    i’ve got nothing to live for, this rap’s a suicide note

    “lovers lane loves road kill”

    Afraid of tomorrow, truth is too painful to swallow
    embracing the sorrow till my soul’s vacant and hollow
    I’m tasting the bottle cause drowns all the pain
    the voices speak in different ways, but the sounds are the same
    or maybe they’re not, maybe’ll I’ll flip the safety and pop
    this loaded glock to make these thoughts in my cranium stop
    It’s better that way to literally “go out with a bang”
    than to go through the days, trapped, like a mouse in a maze
    I’m out a that phase, now it’s time to find a solution
    but it’s hard when the news is clouding my mind with pollution
    I’m siding with stupid when I write with mindless amusement
    wrote a “violence and music” love note then signed it with cupid
    and sealed with a kiss, next I gripped some steel in my fist
    then slit my veins cause I love how it feels in my wrist
    the reason is this, no matter how much we squeeze and we kiss
    I’ll never know for sure If our love even exists

    Stop using my love letters to start fires
    I’ll ride on emotional break down till my heart tires
    expire, and leave streaks of pain in my veins
    I’ve been like this for so long, I’m unable to change
    like a penny, get it? yea that joke was corny
    If life’s a flower then my rose is thorny
    and I don’t really care if all these hos is horny
    just care about the words “I love you” being spoken towards me
    I wrote this story, It goes like this
    but be careful because it ends with a twist
    It starts with a boy who’d been slitting his wrists
    cause his mistress had given him the bitterest kiss
    and ever since, girls have been breaking his heart
    he’s through with razors, now he’ll use words for ‘making his mark’
    speaks in riddles, all his messages he sends em in code
    and wants to find love somewhere at the end of the road
    now he’s a poet and I hope you get the jist that I’m sending
    that’s the story now whose the girl to help me finish the ending?

    gradually fading, save me, my anatomy’s changing
    sadly (-) just praying but God can’t understand what I’m saying
    half of me’s raging, and thee other half’s just as crazy
    my mind’s a prisoner in a padded cell, rampant and angry
    the worst in the pack, I’m like that on purpose in fact
    every time I return home, damen’s nervous I’m back
    I was born with horn and a pitch fork in my palm
    and when I was out of the womb, I tortured my mom
    “I’ll forfeit a pawn”, satan thought when he formed me as spawn
    but he failed to realize my power’s source is my songs
    the origin is gone, I killed it the second I birthed
    a devilish curse, her pride for me has been left in a hearse
    the rest of her is here, somewhere in the left hemisphere
    if I could I would invite her here like presto appear
    cause it’s lonely on this island and slowly I’m dying
    but thanks to the clouds at least I’m not thee only one crying

    I'd really like for some feedback/comments, any constructive criticism would be nice. Thanks for reading!

    By the way I'm 16. :biggrin:
  2. lol i see this section is very unactive so I won't be surprised if I don't recieve many replies but it was worth a shot.
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