The best injection ever, for females.

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  1. Petal

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    Provera it's called. It's a contraception injection and it stops your periods, I haven't had a period in a year, I think this has got to be the best injection in the world! Anyway just posted this for anyone who suffers from painful/heavy periods and is causing them distress. I think it's a great cure :)
  2. Toastie

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    I totally agree! cutting that monthly problem out is so helpful when leading a stressful/busy life.. though those things release hormones into your body and depending on the person they can mess with your moods quite a bit. I tested other forms of contraception first i.e Pill or Implant as if it has a negative effect you can remove/stop it.
  3. Dave_N

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    My sister has this problem of heavy periods. I will let her know about this. I wonder how safe for your body it is in the long run though?
  4. Samara

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    My sister took it for years, I still wonder that. I am also not sure if it messes with a woman's ability to have children... I.E. later in life; like my sister wants to, but seems to have many miscarriages. Then again, I have no idea if that's her own body, or the result of drugs/chemicals.

    I must admit, however, I was jealous of the idea that she never even got her period; but was still to sceptical to ever trust that a needle (one needle??) can really do all that?
  5. oval

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    I had the 3 month shot in may 2011. I only had one and switched to the pill when I came off of it. I only got my period back 2 months ago and it still isn't back to normal. I wasn't told that this would stop my period so I was scared at first that something was wrong.
    Not having your period can definitely be convenient but the shot has side effects. I had to take calcium supplements bc it can cause osteoporosis along other things. Doctors say that it definitely isn't a long term solution for birth control bc of the side effects.
    It was nice though for the little while bc I get UTIs with my period. And now they are back too... But still I actually missed my period at some point, I almost didn't feel like a woman anymore. And I was also kind of concerned what impact that could have on my fertility.
  6. Dave_N

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    I'll do some scientific research into the contraceptive injection and see if there any lasting side effects to using it. If can one injection can cause such a drastic change to a woman's body, then who knows what else it is doing in the process?
  7. Witty_Sarcasm

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    Cool, thanks for sharing this info...I might need to look into it. I tend to get some pretty painful periods, sometimes to the point where I can't even move. It would be great for them to stop completely, or at least lessen the pain intensity.
  8. Moat

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    I am a bloke so obviously I know nothing about any of this, but from everything I have read and been taught back in the day, I thought that although painful for a lot of women, periods were of utmost importance to healthy living? I wonder what would be going on in your body if you suddenly cut out that factor in your life, if the 'cure' now could not lead to something a lot more serious later in life?
  9. Dave_N

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  10. Dave_N

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  11. Acy

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    Dave_N, most doctors discuss the side effects of the meds they're prescribing. A doctor cares about the well-being of patients, and also does not want the want a malpractice suit.

    You're right that patients need to be self-educated by reading the drug information pages that are available. However, as was said to you by another member in another thread, and I must say, I concur, you seem to be fear-mongering in many of your posts.

    It's fine to post that people need to be aware of the side effects and need to ask their doctors, but to do it in a way that hypes the negative effects and puts down, negates, or even ignores the positive effects is not fair play.
  12. Dave_N

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    Sorry Acy for fear-mongering. I'm not blaming doctors at all here. I agree that the majority of them care about the well being for their patients, but you must agree that there are some of them who are in it for the money? A doctor makes from $200 000 to $1 000 000 per year depending on where they practice. I just don't want people to be used as human guinea pigs by the pharmaceutical corporations, whose sole objective is to increase profits for their shareholders.
  13. Petal

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    Thank you for the links and advice about side effects. I can only hope this depo does not affect my fertility because I do want to have children at some point in my life but for now I love being on provera, 1. stops the painful periods and 2. its an effective contraceptive, I'm happy with it =)
  14. Kiba

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    Having seen endocrinologists because i lack a period.. ive been told that not having one can affect your fertility and put you at a higher risk of pancretic cancer because you aren't shedding the lining.. and it will build up. It is nice not to have a period but id just be concerned if you want kids and such later on to really talk to your doctor. I never want kids and i am going to eventually become male, so its not as important to me. But yeah.. im glad it helps with the pain tho i guess.
  15. Petal

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    Thank you flying shadow :hug: