The Bi-Polar Express

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    I'm doing an independent project for myself. I'm particularly interested in how people with bi-polar, or anything else with close resemblance, feel.

    I was hoping some of you can paint a picture for me with your words... or if someone actually wants to submit some form of art, great.
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    Lately my mood swings have been severe and swift. I tend to do alot of poetry describing my down side (Final Curtain Call). My poetry expresses it best. When I swing to the up side, I'm usually too busy trying to hold on to the happiness for the few fleeting moments that I'm allowed, to do anything else. Bi-Polar is defintely the most difficult of all my mental health issues to deal with and contributes largely to all the others. I am currently on 3 different meds just for the Bi-Polar and several others for the rest. What's it feel like? Like your world is constantly being torn apart.
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    Well...When I'm manic, I go without sleeping, I'm not really feeling happy, I just feel kind of a buzz, and it's actually when I'm manic that I'm most dangerous to myself, because I'm really impulsive. When I'm down it's just awful..I just feel like nothing is ever going to change, etc, etc. To sum it all up, I guess, Bipolar really fucking sucks.
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    My recent diagnosis, as written on my DLA form by my social worker is 'schizoaffective.'

    When it comes to being 'high' as I call it...there are different types of 'high' for me. There is pleasant high and unpleasant high, same with agitation- there is a pleasant type of agitation and a very unpleasant type- it's as if you're being suffocated and you need to get out. I cope a lot with my therapist. I notice that if I'm in an environment that is unfavourable, restrictive or seeped in memories like my home, a lot of agitation is likely to go into self harming or doing something that would endanger my life like overdosing. This has happened in the past when I was on a rollercoaster for 3 months. Right now my impulse to self harm has mostly gone into my hair and it wasn't me I was harming...

    I've gone through periods feeling unpleasant like colours were in my blood. There would be colours everywhere, floating colours. I could come when painting.. recently I have heared the little staccato ticks in textures of fences or textures of buildings are incredibily beautiful and vivid..and little details come to life and it's absolutely great. I haven't sunk into depression when I've been recently up...I just think things are changing.

    I could get an incredible amount of work done but if it's unpleasant racing words/thoughts I can't concentrate. I've thought I could jump off and fly off bridges. I used to jump up and down on a mattress and every time I was in the air I was flying. I tend to hear voices and things too. I talk a lot but I talk a lot anyway...

    People tend to love me when I'm like this. They treat me like a little child, ask me if I was fed LSD when I was younger, do patronising 'chhhk' noises and click their tongues at me. But when I'm depressed and in tears due to an explosive home, tutors stand at arms length, with a tilted head and a wary expression and say, "Are you going up and down?" and don't want to be near me.

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    For what purpose?