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The biggest insult my mom could throw at me

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Today, I have had enough. In a conversation with my mother, she gave me the greatest insult anybody could ever give me. Not to mention, she made a pathetic attempt at discouraging me. I will never believe her nonsense, but it still hurts when I listen to her negativity and the fact that she is never encouraging.
Basically, I was telling her about a project I am working on. A writing project, something I have been working on for some time now which I hope to get published. Instead of saying something positive and encouraging, she told me, "Why is anybody going to read anything you write? Who are you?". I am never shocked by my mother, but I couldn't believe her stupid comment today. I guess maybe in her idiotic world of watching garbage reality television, you have to be a celebrity in order to get the attention of anybody. Hello!!!! Like there are not a million books and articles out there by non-famous people. Honestly, I find that the most interesting things I have read in the past 10 years are by non-public figures. Some of the best memoirs and such.
Today, she hurt me beyond belief because she knows how much my writing means to me. She knows how many articles I have written and how much work I have done. She knows about how accomplished I was in university when I wrote research papers. She knows how I have been writing since I was a little girl, yet instead of sharing in my excitement, she chose to hurt me today.


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Yeah, She should have never said such a thing. If anybody were to tell me that. I would work my tail off to make its not only the best thing I had ever worked on but also to make sure people read it... just to make her think that what she said didn't actually discourage you but instead made you want to do some incredible writing. I think you would get the last laugh then.
I agree she should have never said that. It was a stupid and ignorant comment. People do have their slip ups though maybe she was having a really bad day and was in a bad mood and was taking it out on you.

That is so wrong she is never encouraging she must have her own issues, to be that way. You don't deserve that treatment :hug:

Only a guess but maybe she sees how much time you spend on it and is bitter possible even envious about that for some reason. Maybe thinking you should spend your time on "more valuable things" in her mind at least. I'm not saying I believe this at all, I'm only hypothesizing.

Similar to J.K. Rowlings her parents wanted her to study certain subjects in college because they didn't want her to be poor like they were.

This is an interesting read. Isn't it ironic how things turned out for her.


It often is a love hate relationship with family they sometimes the lack of understanding which have can be mind boggling when their the ones that are supposed to love and care for you most.

As long as you have faith in yourself and are doing something you love things will work out :)
Thank you all for the support and for the article. It is just very difficult for me. My mom has never been supportive of me. The same thing when I danced. She would come, watch me, and only point out my mistakes.
Everything I have ever done in life, I was criticized by her. It is shocking when she gives me a compliment and then it is usually followed by a sarcastic giggle. For years, I suffered from extremely low self-esteem. I still have problems with myself, but now I recognize that maybe it is not 100 percent me and maybe others do not see the faults I see in myself. Oh well!


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you write & I hope you get published. even if it is only a letter to the local paper, it is something that will go down in history that you had an opinion on & a view on whatever subject matter you choose to write about . Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. your view/opinion matters & if you are confident enough to put it out there then good luck to you .
I'm not going to have a go about your mum but just want you to know that there are people out here that respect you for having the courage to try.


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What an ignorant comment she made. Sounds a bit like something my mother would say. However my mom is usually telling me "GET INTO THE REAL WORLD, ITS 2011" cause I often complain about how awful most movies, shows & songs nowadays are compared to many years ago. But anyways.. Don't listen to her. You accomplish your goal and be proud about it. I'm honestly sick of hearing bout the same ol' celebrities anyways. How do people think they got to where they are now? They had to start from somewhere. You always gotta start from somewhere to get where you want to get. Once you've accomplished what you set out for, your mother will most likely feel embarrassed and guilty bout her comment so don't let her upset you to bad in any way. Comments like that can be hard to ignore but believe me.. They'll be complete rubbish in the long-run. I wish you the best of luck by the way.

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sounds like she's jealous of your success...that is sad...and you're right there are millions of authors that aren't famous but published, I am one of them, my work is publish and I make a bit of money and that makes me happy, I'm content with having a small fan base, if it get better then yay but I am content and it took me a while to say that my work was being an author...now I say it proudly....

I'm having problems with my mom too...so hang in there! :hug:


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Did your mom have supportive parents? Maybe the only thing she knows how to do is criticize because that's all she ever got from her parents. That's kind of how I feel about my mom. She is encouraging with some things but not with others...the things she gives me crap about I think are things she never got positive reinforcement for.

You don't have to have your mom's permission to write. You don't have to show her your work. You don't have to say a word to her about it. She's not your critic, your judge, jury or audience. Write because you want - because it frees you - because you love it. I have a blog I'm just about sure no one reads (haha) but it doesn't stop me from blogging - I enjoy the creative outlet it gives me. I don't think my mom has ever visited my blog but I don't care. Someone out there has and that's all that matters.

Thanks a lot for the advice, hun. It is so funny that you say this because my mom recently applied for a higher position within her company and she was telling my grandmother about it and my grandmother responded back, saying that maybe my aunt could do it, but she can't. It is so funny because my mom and my aunt have the same level of education only my aunt has not worked in like 4 years. So, I guess my grandmother was never encouraging towards her. If I ever have children, I hope I will always be supportive of them.


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same here, mum doesn't have any faith in me so all she does is call me useless and bitch and whine about every little thing. she doesn't give me any chances and jumps to conclusions. It pisses me off.

I agree, lachry. She never tries to understand. She just runs her mouth in all matters. She never considers my feelings, never gives encouragement.
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