The blade

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    The blade


    it cuts without thought
    without feeling
    without passion
    without emotion

    without malice
    without vengeance
    without anger
    without regret

    it knows nothing
    it hears nothing
    it sees nothing
    it feels nothing

    it says nothing

    there is no judgement
    no concern
    no empathy
    no fake smile to cover your bleeding heart

    the blade is real

    no fantasy
    no dream
    no TV

    the blade is permanent

    no quick fix
    no temp lift
    no drugs that promise so much but deliver so little
    no doctors hiding behind their coats and their MDs though secretly they know nothing of what it's like to be me

    the blade is powerful
    the blade is infallible

    I control the blade

    with it, nothing controls me.

    By L.M.A.
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  2. Make no mistake
    You are as powerful as your words are...

    As powerful as your other weapon of choice

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