The box and the chain

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    This is my collection The box and the Chain. It isn't just random words to sound cool. Its real, atleast to me, It expresses my feeling and my deepest thoughts. I don't know what it will say to you, but if you feel the need to know what I am saying here, don't be afraid to ask.

    The Window
    I stare through the window
    I look for something
    I’m not sure what it is
    I know that there is something there
    I know that what is missing
    Missing in my soul
    Is there
    I just know
    But where the hell is it?
    What is it?

    I keep staring
    Seeking for the thing to warm my cold restless soul
    If I don’t find it tonight
    I’ll be lost forever
    It’s vital for my survival
    For my very existence

    But I don’t know what it is
    Where it is
    I’m so confused
    I’m lost in a great maze
    Lost in my mind
    Searching for my soul
    Searching for the thing
    The thing to satisfy my soul
    Make it complete

    Find it I must
    But something is tugging at my foot

    The rope is hanging in my closet​

    I know
    Now I know what it is
    Now I know what I have longed for my whole life
    I know what my body aches for
    I know how my soul wants it
    I feel how my heart screams for it

    But there is no way in hell
    No way in heaven
    No way on earth
    For me to get it
    There is no use trying
    It is an impossible task
    A Horrible truth torturing the bearer
    Dividing his soul by all the restless ghosts
    The ghost of the lost souls

    It is impossible for me to get it
    It’s within my reach
    But yet so far away
    I can’t get it
    No way
    No chance
    No Hope

    I glimpse it
    I see it over the horizon
    See it in the back of my mind
    But all I see
    Is myself
    There I sit
    Chained by the greatest of chains
    Chained to the box
    For the first time in my life
    I’m afraid
    I’m alone

    The rope is lying on my bed

    The Chain of hope
    My restless soul seems to find no rest
    Being chained to the box
    Containing the untouched pieces
    The pieces of happiness freedom and peace
    The very essence of true joy
    The box is locked
    I do not possess the key

    I helplessly struggle to break the god damn chain
    Screaming and shouting
    Begging for mercy
    Desperately pounding at the box

    It doesn't break
    It won’t break
    The chain will always keep me struggling
    The box will always keep me hoping
    For a better way
    Something that doesn’t involve rope
    But the noose is tied

    A tiny Crack

    I'm exhausted
    I can barely move
    The heavy steel chain is still tightly locked around my acing ankle
    Restraining me
    Imprisoning me in my own sadness

    I'm still chained to that damn box
    I can’t escape

    I struggle
    I fight
    I scream
    I shout
    But still I can’t escape

    I pound the box hoping it might break
    I finally manage to make a small crack in the box
    I peek inside
    Giving me a taste of it contence

    I drown in happiness
    But again slowly slips away
    Only to leave me in a worse state than before
    Chained even tighter
    Closer to the box
    Closer to giving up
    Closer to dying

    Now that both my feet are in chains
    That rope is starting to look really friendly
    The rope is tied to the top of the staircase

    The truth be told

    I have talked
    Spilled the truth
    Unrevealed the secrets
    Told the words I promised never to tell
    Unleashed the beast inside
    Showed the demon in my soul

    The truth be told

    The words weren’t believed
    The truth spat on
    The secrets laughed at
    The beast locked chained
    The demon pushed back inside

    The truth be told

    Weak and tired
    Depressed and haunted
    Haunted by the ghost
    The nightmares
    The wolfs
    The monsters in my head

    The truth be told

    I promise
    That the words will remain unspoken
    The truth never to be told
    The secrets never spilled
    The beast kept inside
    The demon to take over my soul

    The truth be hidden

    At the top of the staircase

    The end is near

    I’m close to giving up
    The rope looks so friendly
    Telling me things
    Talking to me
    Mocking me
    Torturing me
    “I can help you”
    “I’ll give you freedom”
    “I’ll give you peace”

    I really don’t want to
    But I have to
    There is no other way
    No other way out of this

    The rope keeps mocking
    Keeps talking
    Spilling his secrets

    “It should remain untold”
    He won’t listen
    He won’t hear me begging
    He keeps going
    Keeps beating me with his words
    Like they were swords

    He keeps me under his control
    He is now around my neck
    Pulling tighter
    Like a snake

    The rope is in place

    The end is here

    This is the end
    This is the final hour
    No way back
    No returning

    The letter is written
    The letter containing my deepest thought
    My worst secrets
    My horrible lies
    My tortured soul’s scream

    The rope is there
    Tied around my neck
    Waiting to be squeezed tighter
    Waiting to support my weight

    The drug is in my blood
    Paralyzing my will to live
    Taking away my fear
    Taking away my guilt
    Hiding my shame

    The Feeling is great
    No more pain shall ever come to me
    No more trouble
    No more sadness
    No more depression
    Only eternal sleep

    My body fall and the rope is pulled tight
    I’m dying
    I’m smiling
    I’m only smiling

    Simon Erik Svartberg
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    Wow :cry: :clap:
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