The Box

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  1. tomishaped

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    The Box

    I feel like I'm in a box,
    Four walls a top and bottom.
    This box is like my home,
    People think this is a problem.

    In my box I hide myself,
    I hide all my hopes and dreams.
    I hide my stories, poems, and thoughts,
    This box is more then what it seems.

    To you it's old a ragged,
    A box filled with useless things.
    You think it's just some garbage,
    You have no clue what it all means.

    Maybe hidden deep inside,
    Is a pot of gold.
    Maybe hidden in its depths,
    Is a story to be told.

    When you’re walking by this box,
    It’s like walking by the air.
    You could stand by it for hours,
    You’ll never see it’s there.

    What you’ll never realize,
    What you’ll truly never see.
    That hidden deep inside this box,
    Is really only me.

    That’s why you’ll never care about it,
    That’s why no one ever wants to see.
    No one really cars about,
    The one and only me.

    No one really thinks of me,
    No ones really there.
    So if I disappeared today,
    No one would ever care.

    That’s why I’m in my box,
    That’s deep inside my mind.
    Where everyone loves and cares for me,
    And everyone’s always kind

    In my box are my stories,
    In my box are my poems.
    That’s why in my box,
    I feel like I am home.

    I can keep my dreams in here,
    Here I keep my hopes.
    Here I hide all my fears,
    Here is where I cope.

    So you may think its stupid,
    You may think I am a nut.
    You think I’m going crazy,
    But I truly know what’s what.
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    pisces1 Well-Known Member

    Really like this. :)
  3. tomishaped

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