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    I think these first ones I posted on here before, a long time ago, so Im reposting them and adding new ones.
    This starts a story, told in poetry form. A tale of a girl whos been hurt by the world.
    Please read careful so your sure to understand, the story of a girl who grew up in a
    world that just didnt understand.

    And so it beings...

    *A vivid flashback..

    Touch me there and hear me cry.
    Look at me in that way and watch me die.
    Hearing your voice,
    Again in my dreams,
    Seeing your face,
    It makes me scream.

    Waking up,
    I feel that old pain.
    Once again,
    Im not the same.

    Voices haunt me,
    Creatures hunt me.
    From the darkest shadows,
    I feel that fear.
    Never again,
    Will my mind be clear.

    Remembering vividly,
    Things from the past.
    I have that feeling,
    That the bad times last.

    Feeling sick,
    Feeling afraid,
    I close my eyes,
    Im never the same.

    Nothing Creeps?

    I wake up and I realise that my dreams are real.
    Darkness is around everything that I feel.
    Downing my pain with the newest medication,
    Still feeling bad,
    Like in total isolation.

    Hearing the words of those who dont understand,
    Makes me wish I was asleep again.
    In my dreams,
    I can feel at peace.
    At least until,
    He starts to creep.

    Opening my eyes,
    The night becomes clear.
    The red cars light,
    Makes me feel safe,
    Even its only because at that moment,
    Im awake.

    I look around,
    My safety net is there.
    For a moment,
    Things are clear.
    Maybe now I can go back to sleep,
    And live in a moment,
    Where nothing creeps.
    Grown up now.

    Many years have passed since then,
    But you are still under my skin.
    I remember you,
    In all that I do.
    You infected my life,
    Like a virus,
    That will always make me fight.

    When I grew older,
    You were still there,
    Looking at me,
    Like you had no care.
    Your evil eyes,
    Making contact with mine.
    You come up to me.
    You ask how I have been.
    You try to hug me,
    And you just grin.

    You want me to cry,
    You want me to run,
    But you dont realise,
    I wont let you have your fun.
    Im not afraid,
    Im grown up now.
    My midnight eyes...

    My tears come from deep inside,
    I cry out from my midnight eyes.
    My dark eyes,
    Show my soul.
    If youd bother to look,
    Then maybe youd know.

    My heart was crushed so long ago.
    Peices ground into ash,
    They fall like snow.

    Standing under the dark sky,
    Stars falling to come and hear me cry.
    Purple tears falling from those midnight eyes.
    Untitled short...

    Its like I took your sins into my heart.
    Ever since then,
    My life has been falling apart.
    Now its like,
    Everyone places their burden on me.
    They dont suffer,
    But I will for my eternity.

    Dancing in my misery.
    Drop after drop,
    I start to bleed.
    I am grey,
    And I am cold.
    Im frozen in my world,
    Thats currently unkown.

    My state of mind,
    I continue to design,
    As the bleeding stops.

    Next thing I know,
    Its dripping again.
    Grey and Cold,
    Im currently,
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    Silence Broken...

    Poison was on my skin,
    Like a disease,
    I stood there with my blood falling,
    Into the dead leaves.

    In that wickedness you called your passion,
    You just looked at me.
    That carnival ride stopped,
    As my silence was broken.

    Dust filled my mouth,
    As I stood in the sand.
    A quickfall was happening,
    As I held your hand.

    Then the ash from my past,
    Started to fall down like snow.
    I carved my name into your flesh,
    Like someone did to mine,
    So long ago.

    I lay in the emptiness,
    And drifted away.
    Arms reach out,
    Waiting to be saved.
    Untitled Short

    Move the blade against my skin,
    Sign your name with every slice.
    This way your sure,
    I will always remember you.
    Just as Im sure,
    That you will always remember me.
    Wont last long...

    Laying in bed next to you,
    On nights when things are calm,
    I forget the world around me,
    And for a while,
    Life is sweet again.

    Then when real life starts to creep back in,
    I start to wonder,
    If I am asleep,
    And dreaming this nightmare,
    I call my reality.

    My mind slips,
    I imagine myself waking up tomorrow,
    And the past years,
    Being only a dream.

    But then I remember,
    That is is real.
    So I lay down next to you again,
    And try to forget,
    Try to make things calm,
    Have a loving moment,
    That wont last long.
    Falling, short...

    Waking up from this nightmare,
    Will never happen.
    I am meant to belong,
    In this devilish charm.
    Which in its own,
    Is not charming at all.
    It just sits and waits,
    For me to fall.

    I hide behind my empty walls,
    Thinking I wont make it thru.
    Falling asleep,
    Dreaming a dream.
    Seeing the faces of those I knew I loved.
    Wishing I could hold their hands.
    Falling into a black hole,
    Like the deadness,
    That I know.
    Set me free..

    A dark space.
    A dead place.
    A silence that rattles the soul.
    A invitation to places unknown.

    Its a deep feeling of love,
    That was lost some time ago.
    Its a feeling of searching the soul,
    Seeking answers.

    Its a brite light,
    On a dark soul.
    Its a purple heart,
    From which all emotion flows.

    Its what is inside me.
    Its what wants to be set free.


    If it wasnt for you,
    I would lay down and die.
    My life would end,
    With few knowing why.

    I bet,
    That even in death,
    My soul would ache,
    I would get no break.

    Even in my after life,
    Id be behind those empty walls,
    Falling on death ears,
    And bleeding..

    In my dreams,
    I see a face.
    Dark yet sweet,
    Someone for me to embrace.
    How to win a heart...

    We win someone over,
    By showing them that we care.
    We love them with all that we have,
    No matter what they do.
    Unconditional love,
    To pull our loved on thru.

    We dont let them break our hearts,
    As long as they dont do us wrong.
    We love them thru it all.
    We hold their hand,
    When they are falling apart.
    We tie around them,
    And then to our heart.
    So if they would fall,
    They wont be far away.
    We can pull that string,
    And save their day.
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    I want you to win me over,
    I know that you could.
    Even though I am attached,
    My heart still burns for you.

    Show me that you want me,
    I might want you too.
    If only you would open up and tell me,
    You need me to help you make it thru.
    Because deep down,
    I know that I need you too.
    For Wyatt..*****

    There is nothing else,
    That helps me make it thru.
    Its in your eyes,
    Its only you.
    I am waiting for the moment,
    I am hanging by a thread,
    Thoughts of you,
    Are in my head.
    Inside me.

    I cant escape my cage,
    So many times I tried,
    Just to fail.
    Get me thru this nightmare,
    Wont you please?
    I can no longer controll me.

    Can you see the darkness inside me?
    No one would help.
    I cant accept myself.
    Theres a wild animal,
    Inside me.

    Inside I am crying,
    Every night.

    Why are these feelings inside me?
    How long will they stay?
    Who in this world,
    Can take them away?

    My insides scream,
    I wont make it thru the night.
    All of these things I have felt,
    You have never known.
    Who in this world,
    Can make it right?


    I live behind these empty walls,
    That you shoved me behind.
    I wish you would step behind them,
    And look out.
    See what I see,
    Feel what I feel.
    Just for a moment,
    Be like me.

    Maybe I would walk off,
    And leave you stuck behind those empty walls.
    Then your body could burn inside,
    Like mine.

    You didnt waste money buying me a coffin.
    You just pushed me behind those walls.
    You left me there to rot away.
    What did you think would happen?
    Did you think I would root into some dirt,
    Grow into a beautiful rose.
    You didnt feed me enough for that.
    You only fed me with your lies.

    You covered up the sky,
    So I couldnt see the stars.
    Did you know that my life is ending.
    The dots are connecting.
    What picture will they form?

    You are cheating me out of my life,
    Feeding me only with your lies.
    You make me burn on the inside.
    I will never be a beautiful rose,
    Because you wont let me grow..


    Its not over...

    I am on the edge,
    I feel Im about to fall.
    But its still not over.
    My mind is always in a knot.
    They are always under my skin,
    Pushing me closer to the edge,
    That long down fall.
    But even then,
    It wouldnt be over for me.

    I am dead inside,
    They dont know why.
    And its still not over..
    My pain...

    Im living in a world of pain.
    It cant get enough of me.
    It seems to like to ruff me up.

    Im sick of feeling like the only one.
    I just want you to take me by the hand.
    I would show you my world and wonder,
    If you could understand.

    I would ruther feel nothing at all.

    Numbness is better than agony.
    Happiness never seems to work.
    Pain is all around me.
    Please make me feel nothing.
    I have had enough.
    Take me by the hand,
    Maybe you will understand.
    Its to late?

    Nothing is what I expected.
    Everything is wrong,
    And no one has guessed it.

    No one will ever see the real me.
    I hear everyone say to me,
    That it will be alright.
    Still I feel that my life is worthless.

    I cant get back the world that I once knew.
    I cant get back the time I have waisted.
    Im broken inside.

    Still you say that it will be alright.
    But its to late..

    My life is broken.
    I feel I cant hang on.
    The needles are breaking my skin.
    I am on the edge,
    Im falling off.

    Under me is the ocean,
    Its calling out my name.
    It screams for me to fall in.
    And once I do,
    It wont let me swim.
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    Standing Alone..

    Im walking down this path alone.
    Im thinking of home.
    No one knows that Im lost.

    Im standing on my own.
    Im remembering the ones I left alone.
    Forgetting about the ones who left me alone,
    When I needed them the most.

    I cant go back to that place.
    It makes me feel a big dot thats been erased.
    So now Im standing here alone.
    Run To Stay Alive..

    I want to say Goodbye,
    Then slip away from this life,
    But there is no time.

    I put my life in their hands,
    They took it away.
    I hide my mistakes,
    They caught up with me.
    Now, Im holding on for my life.
    When all I want to do,
    Is run for it.

    Its hard to think about it,
    The day I became what I am.
    Im holding on for my life.
    Deep inside,
    I want to run for it.
    I want to run for my life.
    That will be the only way,
    That I can possibly come out on the other end,

    I am already burning from the inside out.
    The fire ate up my soul,
    And it killed my heart.

    Someone poured that gas on the floor of emotions.
    When the time was right,
    They dropped the match.
    Now Im burning on the inside..

    I had fire in my eyes.
    I swear I never felt more alive.
    Now things are bad,
    And I am broken.

    I never meant to let my soul die.
    Its not fair when they say that I dont try.
    I had time on my side,
    A long long time ago.
    I had nothing to loose,
    At the start of my life.
    Now I am broken inside.

    Dont you dare tell me,
    That I dont try.
    I swear that I meant never to let it die,
    I never meant to let them start that fire thats now inside.

    I sit here in my chair,
    Seeing life pass me by.
    Im in so much pain.
    What little life I had,
    Is flashing before my eyes.

    I wonder if I will die.

    I am sitting here in this life.
    I am about to let go of everything.
    Its all slipping away from me,
    Including whats left of my sanity.

    I will wait for you...
    I will not die.
    But I cant be sure that I will make it out alive..

    I dont know whats going on.
    I have no idea what went wrong.
    I feel so empty.
    My life is gone forever.
    I cant help but feel alone.

    Things are so far from being clear.
    This world around me is a thick fog.
    Im not feeling any better.
    I tell myself that I will make it thru.
    But, I know thats a lie.
    I tell myself those things from time to time,
    To help scratch out another moment of time.

    This world around me,
    Will just dissapear.
    It will be gone forever.
    Then I wont have to scratch and fight,
    To make it thru,
    Another moment,
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    I want to go back in time,
    And be with you.
    Just you and I,
    No one else.

    I want to go back to the days,
    When I was yours,
    And you were mine.
    Where nothing was important,
    But what went on between us.

    Now we are two people,
    Who are in a war with one another.
    Putting up our defences,
    Letting no one in.

    I miss the days,
    When I could talk to you.
    I miss the times,
    You held me tight.
    I miss the feeling,
    That everything is alright.

    I miss you dearly.
    I know you miss me too.
    Even though we live together,
    We are a million miles apart.

    I want to go back in time,
    When we held eachothers hearts..

    The rain is falling on my head,
    The tears of all my past,
    They are drowning me,

    I have cried an ocean,
    And I will sink in it,
    When my hole filled boat,
    Goes under.

    I dont know how I can keep up my breathing.
    It gets harder by the second.
    I just want to jump into my ocean of tears,
    And end it all.

    Let the rain keep pouring down,
    Let my emotional hurrican kick in.
    Let those waves,
    Drag me down.

    Im finding it hard to fall asleep,
    And forget this life.
    I wonder if you can see my pain,
    When you look in my eyes.
    I know you think,
    That I wont let anyone help me.
    Im ready to roll that dice.

    I have this look on my face,
    Like Im waisting my time.
    I want,
    You know what I mean.
    I want to be,

    Im sorry but I think I need to have a melt down,
    I am on the side lines,
    Trying to make things better.
    Still I feel,
    Im waisting my time.
    Loosing my grip,
    I start to cry.
    Can you see my pain,
    When you look in my eyes?


    I want to put my heart in a blender,
    I want to watch it spin around,
    Blend into the colors of the background.
    I feel like tearing the clock off my wall.
    I want to fold myself up,
    And dissapear.

    I like to close my eyes,
    So I can be blind to whats going on around me.
    Falling asleep brings a small bit of peace,
    At least until the nightmares start to creep.

    I want to take my purple heart,
    Smash it and throw it away,
    So it will have no more feelings.
    I am my own worst enemy,
    And I dont know how to make it work.

    Chapter Three:

    The clock ticks inside my mind.
    I wake up to find,
    That Im still trapped inside.
    Im sick of the nerve gas.
    I wonder if they can see,
    My body is burning,
    From its head,
    To its feet.

    Your cheating me.
    Please stop feeding me.
    My smile is a shadow,
    Painted on my face,
    To help me keep pace.

    I wonder why Im sitting here alive,
    When I hate every little thing about myself.
    Deep down,
    I think I hate you too.
    After all,
    How could I love someone whos so into me.

    My silent screams are always in my head.
    Just another reason to wish I were already dead.
    I dont miss myself yet.
    I dont know how I can miss someone that I cant remember.

    All I know is theres a darkness over my head.
    It calls out to me.
    The things it tells me,
    Keeps me dead.

    Leave me to myself.
    The fire may jump to you.
    Leave me bleeding alone,
    To hemorrhage out in my own hands.
    My tears will just fall,
    And you wont understand at all.

    I want to watch that blood red glow,
    Just fade into the snow.
    I guess I know,
    That will never be so.

    Away from me.
    Somehow Im still there.
    I wonder if I will ever be good enough for this world.
    Im bad..
    Im bad..
    Thats what I hear.
    I cant escape the world.
    I cant escape myself.
    Thats who I fear.

    Do you feel anything?

    When you touch my skin,
    Do you feel the real me moving from within?
    When Im under a blanket,
    And Im fading away,
    Do you feel or love? Or,
    Can you only see my sins?
    I wonder when Im breathing,
    And my hearts about to give,
    If you can feel me,
    Moving from within?

    I rushed to be by your side.
    You ran to be by mine.
    At the same time,
    You had no clue,
    That I was dead inside.
    Now its years later,
    And I think you know,
    That Im dead forever.
    After all,
    Dead is dead you know!

    Chapter Four:
    This chapter will close up your journey with me. I hope to see you again at another place during another time.

    Hidden memories tell me that your there.
    Stalking me like Im your night time prey.
    I remember you flying over me,
    As I scrambled to get away.

    Now Im older,
    But deep inside Im still afraid.
    The darkness scares me,
    And the sunlight makes me hide.
    I guess,
    Your still in the back of my mind.

    Who are you?
    According to the world,
    When I stuck out my tiny finger of blame,
    I was really sticking out,
    My finger of shame.

    In this deep hole,
    Ive had a lot of time to think.
    Year after year,
    Just gets harder.
    Easy is a word,
    Whos meaning has been lost to me.

    Everywhere I go,
    There is a wall around me.
    Empty inside,
    Only I servive.

    You can lead me to the water,
    But you cant make me drink.
    Im sick of taking in your lies.

    I wonder if you understand,
    The language of my skin.
    It speaks to you,
    Invites you in.

    Hateful rain pours from your skies.
    The acid eats away the house of stone that was built for me.
    A crack lets the lies inside.
    Now Im fat and full of fairytales.
    The only problem is,
    These dont end with,
    Happily ever after.
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    Those once white wings are now soiled and black.
    Years for sorrow,
    Years of tears,
    Stained those wings with the blood of this angel.

    Blood and dust,
    I will make this clear,
    Have took over the biggest part of my years.
    Now when things should be better,
    Im left with nothing but sour an bitter.

    Those feelings in my heart,
    Those noises in my head,
    The tired feeling in my bones,
    Im left for good as dead.

    I dont know how many times I have to ask you to get away from me.
    To leave me alone,
    To let me bleed.
    Let me be peaceful,
    And let me sleep.
    Let me be alone to ease out of this world,

    My mind plays a blurry video,
    Of how it use to be.
    I cant remember anything,
    Your eyes and smile are dark to me.

    I wonder what videos are playing in your mind.
    I wonder if the screens behind your eyes,
    When you sleep,
    Play blurry dreams.

    Can someone please take it all away?
    Explain it all to me,
    Just how this got to be.

    My life has been cut into peices.
    I feel like Im not even breathing,
    Like I will fall over from all this bleeding.

    I wont give it all up,
    I wont leave my life to just collect all the dust.
    I wont feel sorry for you,
    Its your fault that we cant be.
    Dont tell me it will be alright.
    Just tell me the truth,
    At least I would tell it to you.

    Theres nothing I can do,
    Theres nothing I can say.
    You have let our lives together,
    Just waist away.

    Do you ever feel your unforgiven?
    Like all your sins are just hidden?
    Maybe they will jump out,
    Claw away your flesh,
    Punch out your eyes,
    So you cant see yourself the way the world sees you,
    But instead you will see yourself for what you really are.
    See yourself how you have always known you are,
    Dark and twisted with a human soul.

    Come lay down beside me.
    I wont hurt you my dear.
    Thats what he whispers in my ear.
    He takes away the world I know,
    I close my eyes and dont make a sound,
    As the world around me howls and hisses.
    For many years I see and hear nothing clear.
    One day I fear I will remember it all.
    I know that day will destory my walls.
    Those empty walls where only Im inside,
    The place that keeps me safe and makes sure I servive.

    The days are dark,
    The nights are too.
    The sandman enters and Im thru.
    The dreams creep up onto the screen,
    They play like horror movies while Im asleep.
    I run away but cant run fast enough,
    Those wicked skys always keep up.

    I wonder if you touch me,
    If I will feel anything.
    I think to much,
    That Im not worth being whole.
    Im just worthy of being this broken down soul.
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    I feel like Im slipping away,
    Like Im slowly loosing pace,
    Dropping my grip on reality,
    And drifting into space.

    Tears flow free like rain.
    Im left broken again today.
    I wish I could just float away,
    Like a feather in the wind,
    Be at one with water,
    Just drown the pain.


    I have to forget all my memories,
    To keep myself alive.
    If I remember all of them,
    I cant do anything but cry.

    I hate myself because of how I am,
    I hate myself because of what I do,
    And what I did.

    I want to sleep away the day,
    And I feel sad to wake and see the clock reads only 9am.
    I lay as long as I can,
    Wishing sleep would come,
    So I dont have to be awake to face the world.

    The faces of those around me,
    Remind of me of how I am,
    How I hurt everyone,
    How I keep killing myself inside.

    Nothing takes the pain away,
    Its there every second of every day.
    I go to bed wishing I would slip away,
    But I wake everymorning to face another day.

    The echo of the angels falls on deaf ears.
    Yet it rings so loudly that all can hear.
    This isnt an ordinary echo you see.
    It not a new voice thats carried about the air.
    Instead its the sound of broken wishes and despair.

    Where it once spoke forgiveness and love,
    Its now cold,
    And full of hate.

    Where it once spoke of laughter and smiles,
    It now carries a message of sadness and tears.
    What once spoke of beauty and the goodness of man,
    Now talks of nothing but darkness and sin.

    For you see this echo is what their wish has become,
    A world full of bitterness that lacks the simplest of love.

    Id ruther not remember you.
    I will forget you if I can.
    I will throw your photos in the trash,
    Keeping only one in my secret memory stash.
    If someones going to leave my life for good,
    With no hopes of returning again,
    Id ruther say goodbye and let it end,
    Then saying see you later and keeping my fingers crossed,
    For a chance meeting that will never come.
    Goodbye is the truth and it helps free you of the pain.
    So I wont try and remember you today.
    For every time I think of you,
    Of your smiling face,
    I cry and thats not a way to spend my time.
    I cant sit around all day and cry,
    Cry over someone I loved so dear,
    That had to leave me alone here.
    Goodbye is permanent,
    I know that,
    I understand.
    So let me say goodbye to all my long gone friends.

    I wont remember you today,
    I will try to forget you again tomorrow.
    For every memory holds not only a smile,
    But a unfair amount of sorrow.

    I know I should leave sorrow to those in doubt.
    But you didnt die,
    You just moved on,
    So theres nothing to doubt.
    I wont see you again,
    Thats all there is to that.
    I will put away your pictures,
    And hide away what you left behind.
    Leaving myself to a memory or two,
    That I cant bring myself to part with.
    Its not easy to say goodbye and forget.
    I can only try to not remember,
    And Im not good at that just yet.
    Letting It Fade..Away.

    Do you ever wish,
    That life would just fade away?
    All the bad times,
    Hard things,
    Would just fade away?

    Maybe you wouldnt remember being a child,
    A teenager,
    A mother,
    A wife,
    A friend.
    Maybe you could start over with new things,
    Smiles on all the faces.
    Be a new mother,
    A new wife,
    A new friend.
    A new daughter,
    In a new world,
    In a new space,
    In a new life.

    But its not so easy,
    Life just doesnt fade.
    No matter how much they say it does,
    It lives on inside us all,

    We hold onto the pain,
    The frowns,
    The sorrows,
    And all that cold rain.

    I wish I could let it fade...

    Lay beside me,
    Hurt me if you dare,
    I wont care.
    Everyone else does,
    So why shouldnt you?
    Get your fill before I have had enough,
    Because one day I might fight back,
    Even though I wont know what to do.
    My hate for you will grow and grow,
    Until it spills out of me.
    It will flow out like angry wasps from a nest,
    Dark water pouring from my mouth,
    Trying to destroy you.

    Theres no sun shining here anymore,
    You blocked it out and turned me to stone.
    Im waiting for you behind a door I built,
    I stood it strong so the fake you wont bust inside.
    I wonder if you will ever come home to me,
    Your unforgiven too.

    Lay beside me,
    Tell me what you have done,
    Be honest for once,
    Im sick of your lies.
    Will I be here when your gone?
    What about you,
    If I go first,
    Will you sit and wait on me to return?

    Should I open the door for you,
    What I feel,
    You dont know.
    Could you be there if I bust down the door you have put up?
    Are you gone forever,

    So come on,
    Lay down beside me,
    Hurt me no more.
    Lay beside me and tell me what youve done,
    So we can forgive and move on..
    ---------------------------------------- **

    Do you ever wish you could stand up and scream 'Its all over',
    And it really would be?
    Welcome to my world,
    Come see inside.
    Look thru my foggy glass like eyes.
    Hide behind the makeshift wall with me,
    Listen to me scream.
    Give into me,
    It could be like a dream.

    When your hanging off that edge,
    Tumbling down the rocks,
    Welcome to my world,
    Feel my pain.
    Eyes are the windows to the soul,
    My soul must be glass,
    Busted to dust,
    Not meant to last.

    I am dead inside,
    You wonder why.
    I laugh at you then go hide so I can cry.
    When I cry in front of you,
    You just laugh and make fun.
    It doesnt feel good to be laughed at now does it?
    So why do you laugh at me,
    Im wounded and sick in a cold black sea.

    Floating around in desolation,
    Feeling completely isolated.
    Feeling no love,
    Just feeling a numb like buzz.

    Do you understand the world I live in?
    Do you understand the sickness that I give into everyday?
    Do you know why I just sit down and cave?

    Let me explain...
    I have took all I can take of being hounded and hurt.
    If I say 'Fluck it' and try to forget,
    Its easier to breath,
    If I dont my heart will quit.

    Where would you be then? Without me to hold your hand?
    Without me to listen to you scream and cuss.
    What would you do if I stopped screaming back,
    If I just faded into the dust.
    ------------------------------------------- **
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    ThoseEmptyWalls Well-Known Member

    There you have it. My work so far. I wanted to publish it and have publishers interested ( So dont steal any of this) but sadly cant afford their fees. So Im sharing it with people the only way I can - online. Its mostly unedited and some of its old so I have no clue what alls in there - just a collection of my crap.. I hope you enjoyed it and I will post the next part when I finish it.
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