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The Bully's Flaw and why they fail

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Bullies are everywhere, due to how rude some people generally can be, finding ways to insult someone is not hard. Just find some way they are not perfect, here in america where I live, perfection is the main goal. That's ok though. Bullies are often people who seem stronger then us, either higher up in authority or stregnth. Remember this though, all it takes for a bully to realize how pathetic they are is for a bigger bully to come. Meaning, someone might call you ugly, guess what, there are billions of people who are probably considered more attractive then they are. People might call you poor yet they will try to get what someone already has and still won't get it for 2 lifetimes. Meaning bullies use very bad logic. There logic is whoever is more powerful is better. What they fail to see is they are slaves for their own desperation for power and people/forces will always be more powerful then them. Therefore they degrade themselves. Usually a bully is ignorant to this which is why they get hurt or they are often upset. Remember bullies want power over you, they need your approval and the approval of others to feel some sort of reward or else they feel insecure which is why they are trying to attack you in the first place. One thing a bully can't do is walk away infront of a lage group of people.

Whenever someone insults you, ask them if they honestly think they are the most important person in the world. They probably are not the best at what they think they do. And just what have they done, cured cancer, created world peace. They probably won't be remembered in a hundred years. Ask them to go around and see how many people want their autographs, I bet it won't be that many since their autograph won't be worth much on ebay.
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