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My rape case I mean. The evidence didn't add up. My story didn't add the seven other people's. I couldn't prove that I didn't have my phone when the messages to the guy who did it were sent, where they said that he was a shit root and he had a small dick. I couldn't prove that it was Her that did it. I don't know how, maybe she went through my sent messages and copied how I text. It's not hard when I use proper English.
After telling me this, the police went on to say how they'd wasted two weeks because I'd had a shit root and wanted to get attention. After that, while I was sitting there numb with a tear streaked face, they went on to ask/pressure me into saying sorry. Apparently it goes on his record. Why should I feel sorry for it, when I was the one raped? Yes I have holes in my memory, yes my account kept changing. It changed because I remembered more. But apparently that doesn't matter.
I'm sitting here wishing I could cut but I promised my flatmate I wouldn't. Sigh.

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Unfortunately with rape cases the victim yet again get victimized from the people that are to help them That is why many do not report the abuse i am sorry they treated u so badly hun you know what happened and also you know eventually these people will get caught and the authorities then will take a second look at what you reported hun Either way they are on file now so if the abuse someone else it will show up on their record. hugs to you
I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I never reported my own rape for exactly this reason. I knew that the police would make me relive it over and over again, and that if it ever even made it to court the defense lawyers would make me sit there in the court room, talking about me like a lush and a wh**e in front of my loved ones.

They say all the time how it's such a shame that only a small percentage of rapes are ever reported, but why would you report it just to be turned into the slutty badguy? I don't want the world turning my rapist into a victim, the very thought makes me sick to my stomach.

You are braver than me for even trying to find justice. I just really don't see the point. There will always be men out there that feel the need to prove their power over women, after all, rape isn't about sex, it's about power. And when we take them to court and let them rip us to shreds we are only affirming that power, it's sad, but it's true.


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they kept making out that he was the victim, since he's 15 and now its on his record. im anxious to walk through town incase i get a crack/punch from his mates. the police have left me wide open for attack now. wasn't it bad enough that he and his mates bragged about how easy i was? now i've got a name around town and everyone thinks im a slut that screams rape
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