The Cell

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    The guard walks away once more again
    Ive seen him leave me here so many times
    know the colors of his shoes, names of his kids

    What was my crime? I yell always echo falls
    no harm nor reason for me being here
    Innocent! Eyes closed I never even saw

    I bang my cup, I smash their tray
    I want water! Substance!
    And more then ever I need to find my way

    This cell, this never comfy five by five
    the container of me, these bars so cold
    feel I am never going to leave - thats my keeper's design

    Slumped on my cot...scratching a notch
    another day in this pit, this curse
    what more is there to be sought

    I WAS INNOCENT! I did nothing wrong
    they cant even call it a crime!
    How many more faulter tunes to their song

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    and finally ended the wrong that was here all along

    Crying against the cold stone I know the way
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    it was my choice that put me here, thats what they say

    Never free in life, surely not in death
    cursed forever more and so ever for
    a reason no one should of ever felt

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    after everything with me and all with you
    those somethings I muttered about if only they knew

    The guard will never let me out more days to make
    the same is true with our so called God
    I did what he couldnt and corrected the mistake

    So ill take the misery and cold while dead
    there and here, its all the same
    yell after yell - tear for tear be shed

    Til next time I can call with truths knew
    know this was my choice,
    ..was always the way for me...its sad but true.
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