the changes you make with depression

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    I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Out

    once you’ve had depression
    you are no longer allowed to use
    “make’s me want to kill myself”
    as a figure of speech
    that is
    unless you like the feel
    of medical restraints
    and open-backed gowns
    in which case
    the point is moot

    and you can’t use the bathroom
    to wallow in anymore
    and if you run a bath
    the soundtrack of which
    must be mellow and happy
    with the door open
    at the very least
    or they’ll think you’re planning something
    even though
    they haven’t looked under the sink
    in over a decade
    where long ago
    you taped a knife
    in case of emergencies
    and you wish that would stop them
    from saying pain and anger
    to you
    so loud
    but it doesn’t
    does it

    and you can’t wake up screaming
    after a bad dream
    or a bad storm
    or they’ll think it’s happening again
    that you’re dreaming of dying
    the way you used to
    but what they fail to understand
    is that you never stopped dreaming
    they just don’t scare you
    the same way they used to
    when you thought
    you were born a lemon
    defective in the packaging
    no refunds
    no returns accepted
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    How true this is.
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