The child who makes the man

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  1. Deleted SKU

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    They say it is the child who makes the man
    As that child I was twisted by the strands
    Of fear and insecurity that bound me
    The knots were wrapped and tied by the hands
    Of a father who, at least I was told
    Through pain inflicted and screamed demands
    Only wanted to do the best by me
    Whilst cutting me with his sharp repremands

    I dared to go out playing with my friends
    You threw me in my room, locked me inside
    You brutalised me with wicked ritualised torture
    Under the threat of worse I just complied
    I shuddered fearful under blankets doing homework
    My body now in pain, but my mind applied
    Working under the faint glow of torchlight
    You cut the power, left me in the dark to hide

    I taught myself to think, to learn, to grow
    You taught me just how cruel a man could be
    I did everything I could not to be like you
    That is one of the two things you gave to me
    The other is my long suffering addiction
    My minds desire when hurt to turn and flee
    Into self-harm when life's to hard to handle
    And nightly fight with death to whom I plea

    They say it is the child who makes the man
    What hope can I have left grown from such strife
    The child inside me is curled up and crying
    I hold back the pain with which my soul is rife
    Neither of us are strong enough to stay now
    I watch the child as he picks up the knife
    I hug him once, the only one who cares for him
    Enough that I wish I could end his life
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    Wow, this is really good. I really like the last stanza.
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