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The Chocolate Poll: Your favorite kind of chocolate.

What kind of chocolate 🍫 do you prefer?

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Milk Chocolate

  • White Chocolate

  • I hate chocolate!

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What is this option, "I hate chocolate!" ?? Chocolate doesn't deserve hate.

To be fair, I do eat it once in a blue moon. But overall, I really don't like chocolate. I do like white chocolate, though, because it's basically not even chocolate, lol.
I’ll like any chocolate, white, milk or dark. I used to be a self confessed chocoholic and could single handed eat massive share packs on my own. It was mostly for stress relief and when I realised it wasn’t helping I stopped eating it all together! So now I don’t know. Flavoured strawberry or mint choc is nice though. Xx


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Come on, now. You know better than to say such sexually ambiguous statements to me.
Hey! I don't want to be accused of anything again! It was completely innocent until you said that. ;)

The way I read what @Auri wrote, I'd say it was more highly charged than ambiguous *bleh
What?! YOU KNOW how I feel about chocolate!
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